9 Latina Dancers and Choreographers You Need to Know

Salsa, cumbia, merengue, and perreo are just some of the many dance styles that we're known for

Latina Dancers

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Salsa, cumbia, merengue, and perreo are just some of the many dance styles that we’re known for. With the help of social media, people from all over the world are able to experience the talent and passion we bring to the dance floor. Professionals like Maria Malu have represented the Latin community in music videos for Daddy Yankee while others like Amandy Fernandez have danced on tour with Beyonce. While Latin dances styles are known the world over, Latin dancers don’t often get the recognition they deserve. In honor of International Dance Day celebrated annually on April 29, here are nine Latina dancers who have made a name for themselves through their work and social platforms.


Amandy Fernandez

Photo: Instagram/@am4ndy620

Amandy Fernandez has toured with many artists so you’ve probably seen her on stage with Chris Brown, Tinashe, or Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl halftime show. Although she didn’t start dancing until she was 21 years old, she has since been in Beyonce’s Run The World (Girls) music video and danced on two Mrs. Carter world tours, all while representing the Latinx community. The Dominican-born dancer shared with Latin Times her advice to her fellow Latinx is to “know yourself and know who you are and always keep that dream in your vision.”


Jordan Laza

Photo: Instagram/@j_o_r_t_a_y

Jordan Laza is an Afro-Latina hip-hop dancer who is part of the Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles where they offer educational programs and artistic initiatives to support aspiring dancers in the theatrical community. She’s danced with stars like Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and MajorLazer. Check her out on YouTube or catch her dancing live at the Playground LA dance studio.


Sabrina Rocha

Video: Instagram/@saabrinarocha

Sabrina Rocha is a dance instructor and choreographer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. You can check her out on the FitDance YouTube channel where you will find lots of fun videos that you can dance along to. She creates easy-to-follow choreography to your favorite Latinx songs and helps you get in shape while having fun.


Valeria Sandoval

Video: Instagram/@valeriasandoval

Originally from Colombia, Valeria Sandoval has traveled the world and danced for many well-known artists like Joey Montana and Luis Fonsi. She appeared on Telemundo’s Asi Se Baila where she represented her homeland. Her biggest inspiration is Daddy Yankee, which she opened up about on Instagram: “I grew up with Daddy Yankee’s music. The first dance I choreographed was to ‘Gasolina’ at the age of six, I’ve danced to all of his hits.”


Dana Bonita

Video: Instagram/@danavbonita

Dana Bonita is a Peruvian dancer, choreographer, and aerialist. She’s been in music videos for Guaynaa and performed with Feid at the Latin Grammys. On her Instagram page, she shares choreography to music by some of her favorite artists like Justin Bieber, whom she’s loved since she was 12. She also shares dances with powerful messages, in one post telling followers to “surround yourself with people who feed your soul, who inspire you, motivate you, vibrate the same frequencies, and who genuinely love you.”


Elimar Sanchez

Video: Instagram/@elimar_sanchez8

 Choreographer and dancer Elimar Sanchez is the director of ET Dance Studio in Ecuador. She’s worked as a successful dancer on television shows like Soy El Mejor for quite some time. On her YouTube channel, she shares dance tutorials to reggaeton hits like “Amarillo” by J Balvin.


Taynah Smith

Video: Instagram/@taysmithf

Taynah Smith is a Brazilian dancer and artist who teaches at dance studios and choreographs dance-fitness routines for FitDance.  She used her Youtube channel to teach viewers how to dance.  Every Latinx dance video is easy-to-follow and guaranteed to get your heart rate going.


Maria Malu

Photo: Instagram/@la_malu_

Maria Malu is a dancer, choreographer, and Miami Heat alumni. She has danced with some big stars like Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Maluma, and Nicky Jam. She recently danced in Natti Natasha’s music video “Wow BB.” She had the incredible opportunity to dance on the Ozuna World Tour and created choreography for J Quiles. Watch her freestyle in Daddy Yankee’s latest music video “Zona del Perreo.”


Marta Lopez

Photo: Instagram/@martalopezfred

Marta Lopez is a Miami-based dancer and choreographer who has worked with artists including Luis Fonsi, Farruko, and Nicky Jam. She made a name for herself performing with Pitbull and appearing on television productions like Tu Cara Me Suena. She continues to choreograph music videos and participate in award shows like Premios Juventud.

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