26-Year-Old Latina Lawyer Works to Defend El Chapo and Jeffrey Epstein

A young Latina lawyer was hired to work on one of the most high-profile cases just four months after graduating from law school

Photo: Instagram/marielcolonmiroesq

Photo: Instagram/marielcolonmiroesq

A young Latina lawyer was hired to work on one of the most high-profile cases just four months after graduating from law school. In 2017, 26-year-old Mariel Colón Miró applied for a job on Craiglist while living in New York. A firm was looking for a paralegal who was bilingual, so she applied, nailed the interview and once she got the job, she found out her client would be none other than El Chapo.


In an interview with New York magazine, Colón Miró said she was familiar with the name, Joaquín Guzmán, but “then I googled who this person was and I’m like, holy shit!” Yup, that’s pretty much the reaction we’d get too if we had to work with one of Mexico’s biggest drug lords in history.

But that’s not something Colón Miró cares about. In her interview, Colón Miró discusses that whomever she is representing and/or working for, she remains loyal through thick and thin. She doesn’t care for following the path of the public’s judgment. “We are all sinners,” she said in her interview. “Some of us are sinners that happened to break the law.”

Since she began working with El Chapo, she has his confidant and his wife’s too. Colón Miró is also helping Emma Coronel Aispuro, El Chapo’s wife, with her upcoming fashion line.

So what can she disclose about what El Chapo is really like? “He is a very likable person,” the Puerto Rican told New York. “It was like a click. This is meant to be my job. I felt very comfortable.”


However, El Chapo isn’t the only controversial and high profile client on her roster. Just this summer, Colón Miró was hired to work on Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team. Epstein was accused of sex-trafficking. However, he committed suicide a couple of weeks ago.

Colón Miró said Epstein isn’t the “monster” that the media made him out to be. Marc Fernich, the lawyer that hired Colón Miró, praised her for her ability to stay focused on the task at hand and not be fazed by her clients. “She’s not intimidated by grisly accusations against clients. She deals with them as human beings,” Fernich told the publication.

And for anyone who is judging Colón Miró for defending criminals, this is your problem, not hers, she says.

“I sleep with a clear conscience,” she said. “If you have a moral dilemma with that, then this profession is not for you.”

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