Women’s History Month: Latinas in #HerStory

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March is Women’s History Month, but it hasn’t always been that way. Officially, it only dates back to 1987 in the United States—thanks to a campaign by the National Women’s History Project. Here at HipLatina, we know that #herstory dates back much farther than 1987, and these notable Latinas serve as a powerful reminder of that.

Juana Ines Women's History Month

Photo Credit: Biografias y Vidas

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

As a nun, Sor Juana was devoted to her studies. She’s remembered as a writer who defined both Golden Age literature in the Old World and colonial Mexican literature in the New World. Sor Juana was not your average monja. While she did focus on religion, she didn’t shy away from topics like love and feminism, which were especially controversial in the 17th century. Sor Juana didn’t buy into the strict customs of the Catholic patriarchy of the time, so she was condemned by the Bishop of Puebla. But even though she had been ousted by the church, she didn’t give up and still maintained a strong commitment to helping the poor in Mexico. She was also one of the earliest supporters of indigenismo as a student of Nahuatl.

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