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From Being Bullied to Self Love: How A Latina Learned to Love Her Moles

How many times have we used concealer to hide a sun spot or mole? Tons, right? What if you didn’t have enough concealer to hide all the moles on your entire body? How would you hide them. Surely, it would be impossible. All these questions on how to hide imperfections on our face and body is only to express how much work we put into trying to be something we are not. I’m all for doing anything that makes you feel good and empowered, but with a change in perspective that concealer could be our key to freedom. Take for example Lorena Bolaños. This Mexican woman is helping me rethink everything.

I came across her picture on Instagram. Before I even read the caption, I noticed several black spots on her body. At first I thought it was a shadow of some kind, but quickly realized they were moles. The caption said: “One week ago in @underneath_we_are_women project, a photo that shows how strong I am and how finally I’ve face my fears….. I am not sick ? just my body is different to everyone else, and that is coool ?  Some marks where added, which I borned with them and the true is that now I love them! And I cannot imagine myself without them, because has make me stronger and make me value some other things.”

Lorena’s story is remarkable. The 24-year-old said in an interview with BuzzFeed that she empowered herself to view her birthmarks differently and learned to love herself — and this was all on her own. Finding self love within yourself is harder than it seems.

“As I didn’t look as the other kids, as my legs looked different, with a lot of marks, that I didn’t like, the main problem was that I didn’t feel beauty and I felt very uncomfortable when people looked at me,” Lorena told BuzzFeed News. “I decided to do something for me because you cannot live always ashamed of yourself,” she said.

Lorena began hashtagging on her Instagram pictures with #selflove and little by little that is exactly what happened.

“People that want to hurt you are going to smell your insecurities and are going to kill you with a simple word,” Lorena told BuzzFeed News. “Self-security is something that can be intimidating to these people and that will show you as an extraordinary person! Even self-security is a sign of beauty.”

Now Lorena’s picture is even featured in a book titled Underneath We Are Women. Her story on Instagram is definitely worth following.

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