9 Latina Moms Offering Advice and Guidance on Instagram

The world of social media has allowed us to connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles and joys in life


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The world of social media has allowed us to connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles and joys in life. A simple swipe or follow button becomes your tool for gaining support, education, or resources that can simplify or enhance your current situation. There are so many Latina moms out there who realize that they can utilize social media to share their parenting journeys and all things related to kids. Do you want to know how to potty train your kid? Or maybe you need some healthy meal ideas that both you and your kids will enjoy. Latina moms like Dr. Jazmine offer potty training checklists and Laura Fuentes shares recipes for yummy brownies. There’s something for every parent and child in the world of social media. Here are 9 Latinx moms who are dedicated to creating a community where women can communicate and support one another so that they don’t have to feel like they’re doing it all alone.


Laura Fuentes


Photo: Instagram/@laurasfuentes

Eat fresh, live fresh, stay positive – that is Laura Fuentes’ mantra. Her healthy and time-saving recipes are very popular among busy moms. Parents follow her account to get a dose of family-friendly meal ideas – blueberry pancakes, grilled pepperoni sandwiches, and brownies. She is encouraging moms to achieve their lifestyle goals while helping them transform their eating habits. Check out her cookbooks, recipes, YouTube videos, and weekly meals plans that she offers through her business, MOMables.


Dr. Joscelyn Ramos Campbell

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Dr. Joscelyn Ramos Campbell is devoted to helping parents with children with special needs, her website says it all: “Bringing hope to every special needs family.” She offers a mix of resources including a free digital planner to help special needs moms get organized, tips for special needs kids to help with the back to school routine, and special needs ministries to connect Latinx special needs families.


Elayna Fernandez

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Are you struggling to break unhealthy cycles and feel whole as a mother and individual? Having trouble discovering yourself and loving yourself? A heavy subject matter but it is something that mothers, especially single mothers, face on a daily basis. Elayna Fernandez was a mom who struggled with these feelings and experiences and decided to create a “To-Be” list so that other mothers could be more positive and embrace a new life philosophy. Fernandez also offers one-on-one coaching and blogging tips for moms who want to start sharing their own stories.


Maritere Rodriguez-Bellas

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With most schools reopening throughout the United States, parents are probably looking for help on how to protect their children from COVID-19 and other health safety concerns. And this is where Maritere Rodriguez-Bellas comes to the rescue. She posts videos on understanding your child’s school safety plan and provides information on how to protect the health of your kids. She is also big on raising bilingual, multicultural children. In one Instagram post she says one question that parents always ask her is: What to do when a child doesn’t want to speak the target language back to the parent? Her answer is, “keep talking to them in Spanish!”


Super Mamas

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Being a mom can be both fun and exhausting, all at the same time. That’s why sisters Paulina and Bricia created the Super Mamas podcast to connect and support women through their motherhood journey. They speak with experts and fellow moms on subjects girls’ puberty and how to talk to your child if they got into a fight at school. You can even ask a question and they will answer it during one of their episodes! Check them out every Tuesday.wp_*posts

Latinx Parenting

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Latinx Parenting is on a mission to #EndChanclaCulture and create a healing space and nonviolent culture among Latinx families. Even celebrities like Eva Mendes support the movement! Founder, Leslie Priscilla, showcases what it’s like to live in a nurturing home and provide support for individuals and families in intergenerational households. Join workshops like Healing Our Inner Nina/o/x and Healing The Madre Wound where you’ll learn how to set boundaries with family members and identify triggers caused by harmful behaviors.


Dr. Jazmine, The Mom Psychologist

Video: Instagram/@themompsychologist

Dr. Jazmine shares tips on discipline, tantrums, potty training, and more. She is making parenting life a little easier with tools like a potty training class, potty training checklist, and a parenting style quiz. Her posts feature pearls of wisdom and advice for parenting burnout, how to speak to your child, and parenting intentions. Being more present, breathing, and spending more time outside are just some of the tips you’ll get from her Instafeed.


Conz Preti

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Conz Preti shares her stories and tips for moms who work full-time and are full-time parents. She’s also the parenting and health editor of Insider. In an interview with Insider, Preti said “I have no filter. I like to tell stories that others might find taboo to speak about publicly.” In one of her stories, she talks about breastfeeding and the struggles that women face when considering formula feeding. “When I started talking openly about my postpartum struggles, I realized I wasn’t alone. And since, I’ve spoken candidly about the highs and lows of parenting. I don’t want any new parent to feel like I did those first couple of months.” Her number one tip for raising children while working from home? Deep breaths. Sounds simple but you don’t realize how much you’re holding in until you give yourself those moments to take deep breaths and relax your body.


Juli Williams


Video: Instagram/@itsjuliwilliams

If you want to try something a little more creative and fun with your kids, check out Juli Williams. She is simplifying early education at home by showing parents how to give their kids an unforgettable summer with outdoor games and weekly themes to keep it fun and interesting. She also promotes a minimalistic approach so she offers decluttering tips and how to have a basic go-to wardrobe.

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