5 Latinas Talking About Their First Time

First time sex can be awkward. Painful. Awful. Underwhelming. It can also be pleasurable, loving, and truly special. But most of all, first time sex is something that we all remember — for better or for worse. As a Latina, one of the things I remember most about first time sex is talking about it beforehand with my mom. She was thankfully pretty open and taught me all about the birds and the bees (actual procreation) from an early age. But she wasn’t exactly forthcoming with the details about sex and what I should expect, so I was pretty clueless except for what I read on Planned Parenthood’s website and through magazines.

When it comes to having sex for the first time, there are some images that immediately come to mind: Sexy music, candles, and lots of awkwardness. You probably have your own traumatic or funny memories of when you lost your virginity. But just in case you want a refresher in how weird it can be (and how much better sex gets after that first time), here are five Latinas sharing what their first time was like. Anonymously, of course.

1. The underwhelming deed at the movie theater.

I was 15, and it was my first time having a boyfriend. I was “in love” (whatever that meant for that age), and I’d been wanting to lose my virginity for a while. We didn’t have a house to do it in, or a car, so we went to the movie theater. He brought condoms, and I showed up, and we sat in the back and crawled onto the sticky, filthy floor and got the deed done. It was fast, a little bit painful, and mostly underwhelming. We saw The Beach afterwards and I think I mostly fantasized about running away with Leonardo DiCaprio instead.




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