Latina Makeup Artists Giving Us Major Halloween Inspo

Halloween is just around the corner and if you still don't know what your disfraz is going to be, look to these 10 Latinx makeup artists for some inspo

Halloween makeup

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Halloween is just around the corner and if you still don’t know what your disfraz is going to be, look to these 10 Latinx makeup artists for some inspo. Do you want to look spooky and frightful? Iris Beilin does just that with her “not your regular Zombie” tutorial. Do you prefer something more sultry but with an edge? Try the gangster clown vibe by Karen Sarahi Gonzalez. The best part is most of these looks can be achieved with what you already have in your makeup bag. Here are 10 spook-tacular Halloween makeup looks to try this year.

Desi Perkins “Melting” Makeup


Print is everywhere right now, so why not add this trend to your Halloween costume? You’ll need a good amount of face paint for this look, along with a wig and some cute sunglasses. In our opinion, the white makeup on the eyelids is what brings this whole masterpiece together. Check out Desi Perkins for more Halloween inspo.

Amy Serrano as Wednesday Addams


Do you need something easy that you can pull together last minute that isn’t a cat or witch? This Wednesday Addams makeup tutorial is an excellent option and it’s super easy. All you need is some cranberry and charcoal eyeshadow, spider effect mascara, and a couple other basics to get this look. Amy Serrano even includes hair and outfit tips on her blog. Wednesday IS a goth icon and literally recognized by multiple generations so everyone will get it and appreciate the attention to detail.

Dulce Candy as a Broken Doll


If you are looking for a more creepy option go with this broken doll look by Dulce Candy. This tutorial is surprisingly easy to follow and create. Just look at how realistic that “crack” looks and really the rest is pretty basic so it’s a fun look to attempt even if you don’t think your makeup skills are as good. Pair it with a vintage, lace dress to round out the muñequita look.

Iris Beilin as a Zombie


If you want something to really get everyone’s attention this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this makeup tutorial by Iris Beilin. This look may take a while longer to complete – with all of those blood cuts – but it will be so worth it. You’ll need some latex and toilet paper for this extreme Zombie look and you don’t NEED the contacts but they definitely take it to another level.

Nicole Guerriero with a Two-Faced Skull


Halloween makeup that is on only half of your face is definitely a more accessible look but this doesn’t skimp on the details.  Nicole Guerriero starts by applying white eyeliner for the skull and gets into detail with activated pink paint for that spooky effect. It might take a few tries to get the cracks just right but don’t worry too much about it being perfect, the look will come together regardless, especially with the white teeth and dark makeup surrounding the mouth.

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez as a Gangster Clown

While we admit we’ve never really heard of or seen a “gangster clown” look before, this is definitely an accessible but still fun look. It’s definitely more of a “sexy” clown look so if you want to tap into your playful side but want to avoid looking like a birthday party clown, this is for you. The best part about this look is that you can play around with the shades and really make it your own.

Melly Sanchez with a Voodoo Doll Look


This VooDoo doll makeup tutorial is scary yet so pretty at the same time. This Halloween makeup looks like it hurts though. Don’t worry: those painful-looking wires are actually hair rubber bands. Leave it to Melly Sanchez to bring a little creativity to this beautiful look. This look is definitely one of the easier ones to attempt on this list and it shouldn’t take long though it might take a while to get all those rubber bands on – it’s worth it!

Angelica Torres as Mother Nature/Te Fiti


Looking for something that will win you a prize in the costume contest? This Mother Earth/Tefiti (from Moana) inspired makeup tutorial by Angelica Torres leaves you with a huge floral crown, green glittery lips, and bedazzled eyes. Make sure you’re fully stocked on the rhinestones before giving this a try. It’s definitely ornate but once you break it down it’s pretty simple as long as you’re also comfortable with having your face covered in green makeup to really sell the look.

Gabriel Zamora with a Pink Skull look


There is just something about this pink skull look that is so pretty. The pink highlights and pink hair color make this costume glow. This look may not be for the makeup newbies though, so watch this tutorial by Gabriel Zamora a couple of times before giving it a try.

Christen Dominique with a Two-Face Look


This two face death look by Christen Dominique is spooky yet simple. A makeup brush with a super-fine tip will help you achieve the clean, precise lines (or viens) effect. Christen does have a long list of makeup for this tutorial so make sure you have each item before starting and give yourself a few hours to perfect the lines.

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