10 Latina Travelers Showing Us the World on Instagram

There's no doubt that Instagram has allowed us to travel virtually to destinations we've only ever dreamed of


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There’s no doubt that Instagram has allowed us to travel virtually to destinations we’ve only ever dreamed of. We can simply sign on and jet off to new places, experience new cultures, check out new foods, and get inspired to create new memories. And there are Latina influencers who are living that experience and sharing their stories with us, inspiring us to want to get back out and see the world after two years of no travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Travelers like Gloria Villanueva take us all over Mexico and Yvonne from Latina Chic Travels show us how to get around New York City. If you’re itching for an adventure these 10 Latinas got you covered. These women are blazing a trail across the world and giving us a chance to see different countries through their eyes.


Ivonne – Latina Chic Travels

Photo: Instagram/@latinachictravels

Ivonne is a full-time Latinx viajera based in New York and to date, she has visited over 50 countries. What makes her adventures so great is that she shares tips on how to travel smarter and more purposefully. Most recently she has been showing her followers how to travel locally in New York, highlighting everything from bars and restaurants to must-see shows.


Ashley – The Virtual Passport

Photo: Instagram/@thevirtualpassport

Ashley is a photographer and part-time traveler who is sharing her stories from 70 countries.   Her blog includes travel itineraries, tips on how to travel with a 9-5 job, and ways to stay safe if traveling solo. From affordable international travel tips to how to maximize a long weekend in places including Acadia National Park to what it’s like traveling as a Mexicana, she covers it all.


Jessica van Dop DeJesus – Dining Traveler

Photo: Instagram/@diningtraveler

Eating different foods and traveling to multiple countries is an experience that is very common for award-winning traveler Jessica van Dop DeJesus. In 2016, she left active duty military service to experience the world and she’s a global home cook which helps fund her travels. She tells stories of food, dining, and the people behind those delicious dishes. She recently created a Cinco de Mayo-inspired dinner in Brussels, Belgium!


S. Marlene – Deafinitely Wanderlust

Photo: Instagram/@deafinitelywanderlust

Traveling with a disability is no simple feat, especially since the travel industry is not necessarily designed for people with certain challenges. Marlene is a deaf Mexican American traveler has seen the world alongside fellow deaf travelers on a budget since 2014. She also works and attends graduate school proving that being deaf shouldn’t be a deterrent to following your dreams.


Sam Ortiz – Sam Ortiz Photo

Photo: Instagram/@samortizphoto

A plus size Latinx mountaineer, Sam Ortiz has had numerous outdoor adventures and has even been featured on Mountaineer Magazine. She travels with her partner  and aside from posting beautiful hiking destinations, Ortiz is known to make recommendations on gear and trails. Some of her most recent destinations include the Blue Lake Trail in Washington and Smith Rock State Park in Oregon.


Gloria Villanueva – Alistandoequipaje

Photo: Instagram/@alistandoequipaje

Before you even click on a post on Glori Villanueva’s Instagram you’ll love all the colors that make up the spots she photographs throughout Mexico. Her feed is proof that Mexico is a country of beauty and rich culture. Villanueva shares travel tips throughout the world, dining recommendations, and cultural items like the munequitas otomies from places like Puebla, Veracruz, and Guanajuato.


Karla Tomaselli – Karlatomaselli

Photo: Instagram/@karlatomaselli

Looking at Karla Tomaselli’s Instagram profile, there’s no doubt that she is a world traveller. She’s traveled to over 60 countries including Spain, Greece, and Jordan. She’s lived in five different countries and speaks six languages, telling her followers “different cultures around the world don’t stop to amaze me.” Check out her blog for travel itineraries with budgets included!


Olga Maria – Dreamsinheels

Photo: Instagram/@dreamsinheels

Olga Maria has visited Mexico, Vietnam, and India among other countries, documenting her travels having gone from leg braces to traveling in heels. She’s also the creator of Latinas Who Travel, a bilingual community that inspires Latinas to travel the world. If you’re looking for new ideas of where to go, you’ll definitely find her recommendations both alluring and interesting.


Gloria Apara – Nomadic_Chica

Photo: Instagram/@nomadic_chica

Gloria Apara quit her career in kinesiology to dedicate her life to traveling the world. Her goal is to help others live their dreams of travel and share her memories from her trips. With over 19,000 followers on Instagram, she’s been to some of the world’s most exotic destinations like India and the Maldives Islands. If you just can’t get enough from her Instagram, check out her podcast, Suenos de Viajes, for even more inspiration.


Carol Cain – Girlgonetravel

Photo: Instagram/@girlgonetravel

Entrepreneur Carol Cain blogs on “Girl Gone Travel” not only about travel but about other topics related to travel including the savior complex, travel and politics, and how traveling for free is actually a myth. If you’re looking for travel tips (which she has plenty of) with a mix of musings on travel adjacent issues, Carol’s blog is for you.

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