Latinxs Have Always Been Ahead of The Game When it Comes To Self-Care

By now most of us know about the importance of self-care. Living in a high-stress, overly-connected world, it’s sometimes hard to stop and take time for ourselves. Plenty of books and articles out there tell us time and again that we need to slow down and treat ourselves. But long before self-care became a viral must, it was something that our own mamas and abuelas were practicing in their own way. Here’s how you can incorporate some of their Latina wisdom into your own self-care routine.

Keep Your Home Clean, With Or Without The Fabuloso

Most of us have memories of our moms cleaning constantly. When I was a kid, I didn’t understand why. Now as an adult (and a mom), I totally get it. Having a clean home makes life easier, less cluttered, and generally makes you feel better. Some Latin moms even went so far as to cleanse the house of negativity (anyone remember throwing a bucket of water out the door on New Year’s?) Regardless of what you believe, studies have shown that keeping a clean home can keep you more active and healthier. Whether you indulge in the Fabuloso on your kitchen tile, use sage to get rid of negative vibes, or declutter Kon-Mari-style: cleaning can totally be a form of self-care.




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