11 Latino Songs You Need On Your Workout Playlist

As you may know by now, January 1 is the day that everyone decides to get in shape

Photo: Unsplash/@jonathanborba

Photo: Unsplash/@jonathanborba

As you may know by now, January 1 is the day that everyone decides to get in shape. It’s the opportunity to start afresh after eating all those tamales during the holidays, or a reminder to keep up the good work at staying fit. Either way, exercise is imperative to good health, but we definitely need some motivation! We’ve created a 2018 Latino workout playlist, featuring old and new songs that will get you moving.

“Gasolina” (Bonus Track Version), Daddy Yankee (ft. Glory)

No matter how much time passes, “Gasolina” will always be a great track. The 2004 song is perfect for turning on your exercise motor and getting into the zone.


“Suavemente,” Elvis Crespo

Another classic that will never stop getting us dancing is Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente.” Dance to it, use it as your treadmill soundtrack; whatever you decide to do in the gym, this song will get you in a joyous mood to do it.


“Give Me Everything” (Deluxe Version), Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

You can’t have a list for wanting to move without including Pitbull. It was hard to pick just one song, but “Give Me Everything” is bouncy, addictive, and hard to stay still to while hearing.


“On the Floor,” Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez helps all Latinas feel sexy and empowered. Her song, “On the Floor,” is the perfect tune to help you feel motivated to do those squats and lunges needed to get a J.Lo-esque figura.


“Matador,” Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

We’re taking it aaaalll the way back to 1994 by adding “Matador” by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs to the list. The song is about a revolutionary hunted down by the law during times of military dictatorship and speaks of resistance. This power will hopefully motivate you in improving your health and living your best life.


“Techno Cumbia,” Selena

“Techno Cumbia” literally tells you to move. Plus it’s Selena, so it’s danceable and will also put a smile on your face and make you feel all warm and fuzzy in your heart. This song will help you keep going on the exercise bike, or any other exercise that requires some musical encouragement.


“Quiero Bailar,” Ivy Queen


Ivy Queen always comes across as a strong, independent woman who has held her own in male-dominated reggaeton. “Quiero Bailar” talks about how dancing with a man doesn’t necessarily lead to the bed. It’s a feminist theme song that will give you extra oomph while using the weight machines or while doing some kickboxing.


“Mi Gente,” Kumbia Kings


Yes, we have two Quintanillas on the playlist. A.B.’s Kumbia Kings had a hit in 2003 with “Mi Gente.” It is a song that makes you proud to be Latino, proud of what we do, and who we are.  It talks about being honest, coming to this country to have a better life, and the sentiment we all have: “sufro, siento, rio, lloro, callo, grito por toda mi gente.” Basically, it’s motivation to be your best self.


“Conga,” Miami Sound Machine

It was 1985, when the Miami Sound Machine released “Conga” and got the entire world dancing to Latin music. Gloria Estefan tells you to shake your body, and that’s exactly what you’ll want to do when you hear this song.


“Danza Kuduro,” Don Omar, Lucenzo

A favorite jam in Zumba classes is Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro.” It’s great for your run, for your time at the gym, or just to get you dancing.


“Mi Gente,” J Balvin, Willy William, ft. Beyonce


Ok, we love songs about our gente. With it’s mysterious sound and a shout out to Latinos everywhere, “Mi Gente” is a hit we needed to include on our workout playlist. Add in a feature by Beyonce and we feel fierce and ready to exercise.

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