A Latinx ‘Bridgerton’ Would Be Crazy & These Social Media Posts Prove It

I enjoyed Bridgerton

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Photo: Netflix

I enjoyed Bridgerton. I really did. It was indulgent, frivolous and totally addictive, just as any truly binge-worthy TV show should be. As the first of eight total series currently in development by Netflix and TV veteran Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), it was definitely promising. In fact, mere weeks after Bridgerton, which is based on a book series by author Julia Quinn, premiered on Netflix in December 2020, it has already been picked up for a second season.

Here’s the thing though, Bridgerton which is a period show that takes place during England’s Regency-era has made headlines for the fact that Black actors were cast in roles they would not have held historically. In fact, many have called the show’s casting “colorblind,” and yet, there are no Latinx actors in the cast. Not one from what we can tell. Considering the show’s creator’s seem to have intentionally ignored race when casting, this could have been a cool opportunity to build a truly diverse cast that included not only Black and White actors, but Latinx, indigenous and Asian actors as well. There’s always next season.

Whether it’s because the exclusion of Latinx actors was so obvious or simply because Latinx viewers couldn’t help but to inject a bit of flavor into the show’s occasionally bland characters, some people have taken to social media with their own hilarious takes on what Bridgerton would be like if it centered around Latinx characters and we are totally here for it. Some of these are so funny we couldn’t help but watch them on repeat. If you’re already a Bridgerton fan or don’t really get what all the fuss is about, these memes, tweets and spoofs will make you giggle.wp_*posts

Lady Whistledown in Español


Lady Whistledown is of course the writer of the gossip newsletter that has all of the Bridgerton characters all up in each other’s business not just trying to figure out what everyone’s up to, but also trying to uncover Lady Whistledown’s true identity. Just imagine how juicy the chisme would be if Lady Whistledown were Latinx!wp_*posts

Ask Las Tias

Seriously though, las tias could figure this Lady Whistledown mystery out in no time. There aren’t even that many people it could be. Even without phones and Whatsapp, we all know las tias would have had their ways of getting down to the bottom of all the chisme and putting Lady Whistledown right out of business.wp_*posts

Telenovela Drama

Bridgerton is all about the drama and TBH, we could totally see it being done as a telenovela. Just imagine how much more intense everything would be! The conversations, the dancing, the wardrobe (the cleavage alone!), the fight scenes and of course, the love scenes would be even more over-the-top and melodramatic than they already are.wp_*posts

‘I Don’t Like Drama’


I don’t want no drama either, but like for real, the band better be on point this week. OMG, Fernanda Cortes’ Latinx Bridgerton spoof is totally on point. Latinas keep it real, and it would definitely be hard to be all buttoned up and guarded like the ladies in Bridgerton. We gotta speak our minds. Wait…there’s a Part 2!wp_*posts

Keep it Going Girl


Am I upset that everyone else is getting credit for the trend I started? Yep 😔 but what can ya do. Here’s part 2 for y’all. #bridgerton #tiktoklatino

♬ original sound – Fernanda Cortes

Fernanda says she was the first TikToker to make a Latinx Bridgerton spoof and even though others have since hopped on the trend and are getting credit for it, she’s kept a good attitude. Instead of griping about people stealing her idea, she served up a second installment that’s just as hilarious (and accurate) as the first.wp_*posts

‘No Me Jodas’


Bridgerton Latina Edition! #bridgerton #latina #dominican #latinaedition #dakiti #badbunny

♬ Dakiti Violin by badbrenden – Brenden 🎻✨

TikTok user Nathalie Munoz  came up with her own version of Bridgerton Latina Edition and it is so lit. We love that she set her video to Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez’s hit song, “Dakiti,” because well…how could you not love anything that has to do with Bad Bunny. “Dakiti” would definitely get the party started pero, “no me jodas.”wp_*posts

Speaking Of…


i brought out the 5 year old shirt for this #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix #latino #badbunny #dakiti

♬ Dakiti Violin by badbrenden – Brenden 🎻✨

That violin though, amiright? We highly doubt Bad Bunny ever thought “Dakiti” would turn into a viral hit because a bunch of Latinx people watched a show about rich British people in the early 1800s and had to Latinize the whole thing. Maybe next season the folks over at Netflix and Shondaland will actually cover a Bad Bunny song for the Bridgerton soundtrack.wp_*posts

Get That Man


Reply to @bry.hm this wig really got me feeling like Daphne😭 #bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix #bridgertonmusical

♬ original sound – Bryan Hernandez

A Dominicana would obviously have a plan. If only Daphne and all the other girls from the ‘Ton could have taken notes from TikTok user bry.hm, it might have been a lot easier to land a duke or even a prince. Don’t forget that faja! This one might be our favorite. This dude is too funny and he’s clearly watched a lot of Latinx women get ready for a night out.wp_*posts

‘Call Me Mrs. Duchess’


If Daphne Bridgerton were Panamanian. #bridgerton #latinosbelike #panameña #perreasola #badbunny

♬ original sound – Shani D

Bring a Panamanian and it’ll be a party. TikToker Shani Daley knows just what she would do if she were Daphne: have a good time and nab the duke. We totally want to hang out with her! And yes, that’s Bad Bunny again because it wouldn’t be a Latinx ball without at least one of his songs on the set list. Gotta have a beat to dance to even if you are high society.wp_*posts

‘Hey Auntie’

Auntie Shonda, if you couldn’t tell from all of the social media hubbub, us Latinx folks are totally into Bridgerton too. Like Twitter user Mariangela Pagán said, can we come play? There are tons of young Latinx actors that we could totally picture in the Ton and it would be amazing to see them land roles on the next season of Bridgerton.