5 Inspiring Latinx Graduation Stories From 2018

An education equals empowerment

59-year-old Mexican immigrant dad graduates college Hiplatina

Photo: Facebook/Jacqueline Marquez

Texas Grad Visits Deported Dad at Border

Texas Graduate Visits Deported Dad at the Border Wearing Graduation Gown

10 Gorgeous Grad Caps

10 Gorgeous Graduation Caps That Make Us Beyond Proud To Be Latinx

Lately, graduates have been decorating their caps, to show off their personality and culture, and share their messages. We wrote a story on 10 grad caps that showcased orgullo Latino.

Daughter Posts Message for Immigrant Grad Dad

Daughter Posts Inspirational Message After 59-Year-Old Immigrant Dad Graduates College

Latino’s Powerful Response to Trump Comment

This Latino’s Powerful Response To Trump Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’ Is Everything

Latinx Show the True Meaning Of An Education Via Emotional #FirstGeneration Hashtag

This story is about Latinxs who were the first generation in their family to study in the U.S., and graduate. By doing so, they paid homage to their parents who made so many sacrifices to provide them a better life in this country. By doing so, they paved the way for their sisters, brothers, cousins, and children to do the same—and more.

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