22 Major Moments in U.S. Latinx History

Photo: ruiz.house.gov

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15, but you know we celebrate Latinx culture, history, achievements, and accomplishments all day and every day. It’s a daily process to learn about our contributions over hundreds of years to what is now the United States, something we were barely (if at all) taught in school. Once you realize just how intertwined we are in America’s history and just how present we’ve been through it all, it changes everything.

The best thing you can do between September 15 and October 15 is to share what you know with your fellow Latinxs — and everyone else. And to learn more. That’s the only way that ignorance is dismantled. To help in the cause, we wanted to share 22 important moments in Latinx history in the U.S.




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