30 Latinx Memes and Tweets That Are Ridiculously Accurate

Latino memes Hiplatina


While we don’t like to subscribe to stereotypes (we are all individuals!), there are things that unite all Latinxs as a culture, as a people. There are moments that we all can relate to, be it how we interacted with our parents, how we got dressed up for Thanksgiving, or how it seemed like saying goodbye at the party appeared to take longer than the party itself. These little reflections that we think only happened in our house happened in millions of others and realizing this instantly unites us to those millions of other Latinxs.

Plus, these observations offer nostalgia and a really good laugh. Why do you think Latino memes, GIFs, and tweets are so popular?! Knowing all the feels that come from reading “You know you’re Latinx when” posts, we wanted to share 30 that will have you cracking up, nodding your head, and sharing them with your Latinx friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating who we are and living in a state of orgullo Latino.




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