30 Latinx Memes and Tweets That Are Ridiculously Accurate

While we don’t like to subscribe to stereotypes, there are things that unite all Latinxs as a culture and that’s a good meme

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While we don’t like to subscribe to stereotypes, there are things that unite all Latinxs as a culture and that’s a good meme.There are moments that we all can relate to, be it how we interacted with our parents, how we got dressed up for Thanksgiving, or how it seemed like saying goodbye at the party appeared to take longer than the party itself. These little reflections that we think only happened in our house happened in millions of others and realizing this instantly unites us to those millions of other Latinxs.

Plus, these observations offer nostalgia and a really good laugh. Why do you think Latino memes, GIFs, and tweets are so popular?! Knowing all the feels that come from reading “You know you’re Latinx when” posts, we wanted to share 30 that will have you cracking up, nodding your head, and sharing them with your Latinx friends and family. At the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating who we are and living in a state of orgullo Latino.


Not Calling, Yelling

Photo: being Latino/MEME

There are definitely Latinxs who are quiet as a mouse, but I haven’t been around too many, myself included. I’m always on volume 100 and so is my mom. Remember all those times your mom would call you for something (and when we say call, we mean yell) and you would respond just as loudly? Partly because she wouldn’t say anything after you asked her what she wanted —that usually meant she wanted you to get up and go see her in person.


Latinx Parties

Photo: being Latino/MEME

Latinx parties are lit parties. We get started and seriously don’t know when to stop. It will be 2, 3, 4 in the morning and we will still be blasting the music, drinking, and dancing. What can we say? We are in our feels, and when the feels indicate it’s time to celebrate, we act accordingly. Sorry, not sorry neighbors.


Cilantro, no Perejil!

Why do cilantro and parsely look so similar?! And why are they placed right next to each other, in one big, green, leafy bunch of confusion?! Constantly grabbing for perejil, when you really meant to grab some cilantro is a Latinx fail a lot of us have committed. And don’t even get us started on what the difference between cilantro and culantro is.


Hella Tias y Tios

No, not all of us Latinxs have a ton of biological tias, tios and primos. But a lot of us do have blood aunts and uncles, as well as a whole lot of family friends who have become family. All those tios and tias who you have grown up with, and who have earned those titles. How lucky are we?!


You’re Grown, But When I Say So!

Latina moms on going out

Latinx moms are clever. They would want you to act like an adult when it comes to cleaning your room, the house, being responsible, and other things that require adulting. But when you get too comfortable acting like a pretend adult and want some kind of freedom, they shut it immediately down and reminded you that you live under their rook and under their rules.


At Home vs in Public

It’s funny how we can share all 1,000 of our emotions at home and with our family but will act super polite and shy in public, with people we don’t know (which is understandable). If that’s not you, you definitely know someone like this! We are just more comfortable with our peeps!


Yes, Mom, I’m Fine!

latina mom estas bien

I thought this was just my mom, but apparently not. If I made any abrupt noise, she would respond with an “estas bien?!” To which of course, I would reply, “Yes, I’m fine, mom!” Latinx moms just love to worry and be overprotective with us (forever!), but it’s sweet and comes from puro love por sus hijas.


La Chismosa

What can we say? We love a nice, piping hot cup of chisme. Forever and always. You know those tias, moms, primas, and other family members (and/or you!) who just naturally glances over at someone who’s texting to see what gossip you can fall right into.


Being Your Mom’s Reportera

Social media means that the chisme comes right to you, digitally. Or, it gets delivered by la reportera. How many times have you filled your mom or another family member in on what’s going on in everyone’s life by updating them on the latest social media posts? It’s like they have their own 5 o’clock news reporter, in person and/or over the phone.


The “Cuando Yo Me Muera” Speech

when i die mom meme

Latinx moms are also dramatic AF. They will go off on a tangent over nothing at all. And God forbid you do something wrong because you might get hit with the “cuando yo me muero” speech, meant to induce you with all kinds of guilt. It’s just how Latinx moms roll.


Hay Comida en Casa


We have all been hit with the harsh reality of there being food at home when we want to eat out. And being told so by our moms. Now that we are adults, we sometimes have to check ourselves and tell ourselves to not spend that money and eat that unhealthy food because there is comida en la casa. The circle of life, mi amigas.


Latinx Thanksgiving


A lot of Latina women love to dress up and get all extra. Especially when it’s a special occasion. And what’s more special than spending time with your familia for Thanksgiving? We will be all fancy and dress to the nines, sometimes buying a new outfit, even though we are all just going to sit in la sala. Again, it’s just how we roll.


The House is Never Clean Enough


I don’t know what our obsession is with having spotless homes, but it’s not such a bad trait to have. Unless you’re a kid, and then you have to get up early on Saturdays to help clean, keep everything immaculate, and have to live up to the super high standards of your mama.

wp_*postsYou’re 18? That’s Nice.

Latinxs can’t pull that whole “I’m 18 now, I’m an adult!” mess with their parents. Nice try. In the Latino culture, that means nothing. You are still under their roof, and in doing that, you do what they say. Even when you leave the house, even if you’re married with kids of your own, your parents will still tell you what to do lol.


The Process of Saying Goodbye at a Party


Why does it take us about 5 years to leave a party?! First, there’s the constant reassurance as kids that we are going home. Then, when we actually get up to leave, it’s another long-ass procession to say bye to everyone, while starting and continuing up to about a dozen conversations, and then finally we actually leave.


Sorpresa! I Speak Spanish!

When someone says something about you, thinking you don’t understand Spanish, it is an irritating, yet also satisfying occurrence. On the one hand, they don’t think you speak Spanish and are also talking smack. But on the other hand, there’s that snarky reveal, when you address them in Español.

wp_*postsThe Latinx “I’m Sick” Kit

I would like to do some research as to where a lot of our hard-core traditions and beliefs come from. Like who had the original idea to treat colds, flu, and other maladies with sopa, soda, and Vivaporu? The whole concept was such an integral part of growing up Latinx that just seeing a can of 7-Up or Vivaporu will give you major nostalgia, reminding you of being sick, but most importantly, of being so well taken care of and loved by your moms and abuelitas.


All the Words We’ve Been Mispronouncing


A lot of words in Spanglish are just us pronouncing English words incorrectly lol. Like bistek. Wait, that’s supposed to be beef steak?! Or how about confleis (cornflakes), or sangweeshes (sandwiches). Well, it created a whole new thing called Spanglish, so that’s pretty awesome. That’s how we do. We take something and put our unique Latinx spin on it.


English, Spanish, and Spanglish!

Like we just mentioned, if you are bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, you can go ahead and throw in Spanglish as a third language. It’s kinda a whole thing, with English words said with a Spanish accent and spelled like something in between (i.e. confleis), and words that actually are hybrids of both languages, like chequear (to check), trocka (truck), and parquear (to park).


Latino Dads Watching TV

When Latinx dads watch TV and are really get into what they’re watching, they are known for standing up and getting as close to the action as possible. Maybe it’s to avoid falling asleep on the couch, another funny thing Latino dads are known to do.


Tamale Season

I personally love me pumpkin spice anything, but let’s keep it real. Fall and winter is all about it being tamale season. No matter what Latinx country you’re from, chances are that celebrations during these colder months involve unwrapping a corn husk or plantain leaf, and enjoying that tamale goodness inside.


Praying in Spanish


When you grow up speaking and/or hearing two languages, you associate different things with each and speak in whatever works best for you at a particular time. Like praying. We can pray in either English or Spanish, but it just sounds way more pious to pray in Español. Like it’s the direct line to Jesus and God and La Virgen lol.


Windows Down,  Music Up

What is the point of listening to dope music if you’re not going to roll the windows down, blast that ish, and share it with the rest of the world? It’s the OG, chola, Latinx thing to do. Windows down, music up.


Latinx Mom Time


Like we said before, Latinx moms are clever AF. They can even bend time. When it’s time to wake you up, 7 am becomes 9 am, and that extra time you think you had to sleep disappears like a rabbit in a top hat. But, that time-warping doesn’t work in our favor growing up, like when our curfew is at 10 and we want it to be midnight.


Don’t Throw that Out! Esta Bien!

I’m glad my mom isn’t the only Latinx mom who doesn’t care about “sell by” or “best by” dates. Of course, she will throw something out if it looks or smells off, and adheres to not keeping things much later than the date, but unlike me, she doesn’t obsess about it.


There Are No Cookies in that Tin


Opening up those big blue metal tins of Royal Dansk Danish cookies to find that there are zero Danish cookies in there is one of the big let downs of growing up Latinx. And we would be falling for the trap, even if the tin wasn’t in the kitchen but in a hallway closet, right (guilty)? At one point, that round container held layers of the tastiest assortment of butter cookies, but now all it has are sewing supplies. Womp womp.


The Minute Your Dad Sits on the Couch…

See we told you Latinx dads dozing off on the couch is a thing! He’ll be perfectly seated, arms crossed, and out like a light while in the middle of his show. Latinx moms aren’t immune to this either. My mom falls asleep on the couch watching TV all the time, and swears up and don’t she wasn’t sleeping!


The Prerequisite Baby Bracelet

latino baby bracelet meme

There are certain things Latinxs just do, generation after generation. One such thing is gift babies those adorable little 14k gold ID bracelets. Bonus point if it’s engraved with the baby’s name. I’m telling you, we like to be fancy and accessorized at a young age. Latinx style forever.


Hostess with the Mostess


If we have an obsession with keeping a perfectly clean house, it’s probably because we are also put way too much attention on being absolutely perfect hostesses. We will practically move out of our house to make it a home for others. Then move back and tend to their every need. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s embedded in our culture to care for the people we love the most and, well, make them feel at home.


Having Your Ears Pierced as a Baby

Photo: being Latino/MEME

Remember we said that we like to be accessorized from a young age? Well, we mean it. It is super common for female babies in the Latino culture to have their ears pierced as young as a day old. This is unlike that episode of Full House, where Stephanie Tanner wanted to get hers pierced right before junior high. It’s not a rite of passage into teenagehood for us; we just get it done as infants, probably to help differentiate ourselves from infant boys lol.

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