5 Relaxing Destinations for the Ultimate Latinx Self-Care Getaway

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As any Latinx person knows, times have not exactly been stress-free in the U.S. lately. Every day, we read about a new development in the way immigrants are being cruelly treated, families being separated, and our children abused. There’s always a new video of some racista calling the cops on us for being a little too brown, or ICE for speaking Spanish. Frankly put, most of us are in dire need of a serious vacation away from the nonsense.

Self-care looks different for different people. Some of us are into hot springs and hot tubs, others like yoga and meditation, while still others are looking for healing experiences that might bring us closer to our ancestors. Here, I’ve compiled a list of relaxing destinations for a variety of needs, located in the U.S. (sanctuary states only, please) and Latin America. Check it out, then consult your calendar and see when you can book some time to get away and de-stress — you deserve it, mi’ja!




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