This $19 Lipstick Is Reuniting Migrant Families Separated At The Border

We’ve all been deeply affected by the migrant families who have been separated at the border

This $19 Lipstick Is Helping Reunify Migrant Families Hiplatina

Photo: Instagram/lipslut

We’ve all been deeply affected by the migrant families who have been separated at the border. Over 2,300 children have been separated from their parents as a result of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance border. On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order to end the the separation of families at the border BUT on Saturday the administration announced their plan for reuniting the families who are still currently separated and the plan entails deporting them both back to their countries. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can show your support and one way is by buying this tube of lipstick.

In case you never heard of it before, Lipslut, is an anti-Trump makeup brand that was released shortly after Donald Trump stepped foot in the oval office. Their latest product is a lipstick called F*CK Trump and it’s part of the brand’s new Zero Tolerance campaign. See what they did there? Lipslut is donating 100% of the product’s proceeds to charities that are specifically dedicated to helping families that have been affected by the separations made at the border. How amazing is that?

The company’s founder, Katie Sones claims that Lipslut will continue to donate to these charities until they see policies regarding immigration actually changed. The lipstick which retails at $19.95 and is available on the Lipslut site, is a pretty rosy pink liquid lipstick that’s apparently universally flattering. Here’s a beauty product you won’t feel guilty about splurging on, even if the shade doesn’t actually flatter you.

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