Lola’s POV: A Resolution to End All Resolutions

Resolutions time! 2017 has been a compilation of good, sad, angry, happy, and devastating moments (plus, the occasional hurricane…or two)

Lola POV New Year Resolution

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Resolutions time!

2017 has been a compilation of good, sad, angry, happy, and devastating moments (plus, the occasional hurricane…or two).  They say tough people last, tough situations don’t, right?  Then it’s all temporary – passing, fleeting. And speaking of fleeting, can you remember at least one of your New Year’s resolutions for this year?

New Years Resolution: When a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

It’s almost second nature. We make a long list of things we want to change and things we want to do, yet we forget most of our resolutions a couple of months into the new year. Come on, admit it – we all do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for New Year’s Resolutions, as long as it doesn’t become a laundry list of unattainable or hard to reach goals that make it more complicated instead of “improving our life.” Resolutions shouldn’t set us up for disappointment, but instead, give us something to strive for, and look forward to. But seriously, when we jot down “win the lotto, travel the world, love my body as it is, and lose 20 pounds,” on the same list we must be doing something wrong.

I recently found the box where I keep New Year’s resolutions lists, for reference of course. My 2008 resolutions were there as well; I was 7 years old. And one of my goals was “travel the world.” Yes, I wrote that as a 7 year old. Traveling the world seemed so simple and so effortless and lavish, if you forget taking into account key factors such as money, time, schoolwork, and of course, legal guardians (puh-leese.)

When researching on New Year’s resolutions and what they are actually supposed to mean, I found a couple things that blew me away. The fact that there are links online with “50 ideas for New Year’s resolutions” for example. Really? Fill-in-the-blanks?  Generic resolution templates?  Not only are they unoriginal, but also unattainable, and shallow. A resolution is meant to be custom-tailored.  It should make us rethink our lifestyle and find ways in which we can make it better, in which we can enjoy our life to the fullest and make it a little more fun. Resolutions aren’t meant to have us sacrifice important things like family, relationships, and large amounts of money to meet this hard-to-reach goal.

Resolution: Keep it real.

My wish this year is to make a conscious effort about my list and what I write on it. I will remind myself that these goals are not binding.  They are not permanent! “Life is subject to change” as my boyfriend often reminds me, when I think of the future and overwhelm myself and cry. I won’t stress over things that are meant to “make my life better.”

Just follow the advice of a jolly fellow who makes a list, and checks it twice.  May your New Year’s resolutions serve as a blueprint for an amazing 2018. And may you remember to leave room on that list for change, surprise twists and turns, and the amazing unexpected things that will come your way.

Happy New Year from me and mine, to you and yours.


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