May’s Auspicious Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse is a Blood Moon

May 26th brings our first Lunar Eclipse of 2021 in the fire sign of Sagittarius


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May 26th brings our first Lunar Eclipse of 2021 in the fire sign of Sagittarius. Theme for this Blood Moon? Expect the Intellectual to meet the Spiritual. This is a Full Moon with the magnitude of a Lunar Eclipse, meaning it’s going to be vivacious. Those consciously aware of the opportunity presented with this Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse will be asked to conceptualize the merging of the logical mind and the subconscious mind, which is also known as the higher self.

Rest assured, there’s nothing to fear as Lunar Eclipses tend to be surrounded by superstition and negative misconceptions. This Sagittarius Blood Moon will bring lots of luck thanks to its ruling planet of blessings, auspicious Jupiter.

Every year we experience what is called “eclipse season” in Astrology. For 2021, we’re kicking Gemini season off with some much needed action. Gemini season doesn’t shy away from action because this fun-loving mutable air sign welcomes change and adversity headon.

A Lunar Eclipse energetically lasts us six months out. In 2020, we closed out the year with a Gemini-Sagittarius axis of Lunar and Solar Eclipses that we’re now wrapping up as it all comes full circle on May 26th back into Gemini season with a Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse. This action packed Blood Moon in Sagittarius is accompanied by three retrograde planets of Pluto, Saturn and Mercury all adding to the cosmic mix by May 29th as we head into June.

Sounds like a lot is happening, right? Facts. With Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter transiting in Pisces getting ready to retrograde this June alongside watery Neptune, this is a wonderful lunar phase to try out astral traveling, lucid dreaming, meditation, and occult magic. You might see a lot of mainstream chatter that defers you from practicing any ritual work with eclipses, but that’s fear-mongering. You can absolutely focus on releasing old identities of self as you step into a more spiritually aligned version of who you are becoming. The intellectual mind will tell us all the reasons why things won’t work out, but the subconscious mind (aka: your higher self), reassures us that anything we dream up can be attained so long as your faith is big enough to match your vision.

If you have any Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces placements you’ll want to be cautious of overworking, overindulging and overextending yourself at this time. For all regardless of zodiac sign, this is a cycle better utilized as a moment to revisit anything that has been left unattended and eliminate what is excessive or unnecessary. Where can one swipe out conflict with compassion as the psyche explores Sagittarius’ wisdom seeking tendencies.

Overall, this Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse brings optimism and assists us with identifying the silver lining amidst the perceived chaos. Allow yourself to journey into new depths and work past old blockages. Limitation isn’t a word found in the vocabulary of a Sagittarius mind. Above all else, doing one’s best to be patient and kind during this time will karmically pay off.

Here’s a ritual to activate the realm of your higher self and astral travel this Lunar Eclipse May 26th. Enjoy and may you manifest wisely.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Set an intention for yourself that welcomes your higher self into this ritual and alongside you moving forward in your life.

Here’s an intention you can use or rework: I allow my higher self permission to guide me towards the path most in alignment with my purpose to receive messages as I safely astral travel upper dimensions.

Items needed:

Dried Calendula (handful)
Dried Star of Anise (handful)
1 (one) Three Kings Charcoal (purchase at spiritual shop or botánica)
A cauldron or safe container to hold the charcoal
A lighter

Location: perform in your bedroom. Preferably before bed.

Set and state your intention first.
Call in your higher power or spirit guides for assistance and protection.
Give gratitude to the spirit of the herbs being used (calendula and star of anise).
Safely light the charcoal first. Light until you notice it sparking and hissing.
Place the lit charcoal inside your fire safe container such as a cauldron, or smoker.
Start adding dried herbs onto the active charcoal.
Allow the smoke, this is called smudging, to fill your bedroom.
Have a window open so smoke doesn’t overflow and set off alarms.
Work the smoke around your room to lift the vibration of your room and to start shifting the energy.
At this time, you can state your intention outloud a few times to activate the smoke and your intention of your ritual.
Run the smoke over your aura and body as well to purify yourself and raise your vibration.
The smoke of these herbs will assist you with astral traveling and accessing higher dimensions.
Watch the charcoal and smoke fully burn and go out as long as needed. Duration depends.
Safely extinguish.
Then prep for bed and allow yourself to be fully open to the experience.
Have fun!

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