Lola’s POV: Why Does Makeup Make Us Feel Stronger?

Today I’m writing something a little bit out of the box, and a bit more superficial, when compared to my life lessons in resilience and survival. I’ve gotten used to writing about how to make yourself feel good on the inside; emotionally and mentally. Whether it’s accepting that your imperfections are perfect or believing that you can be stronger in certain life situations. Lately it’s all been about mindset and how to build the outlook of a strong woman (or man – I ain’t judging.) I’ve never really gone into depth about what makes me feel beautiful on the surface.

If you grew up in a family like mine; we always had fun events to go to: my parents’ award ceremonies, movie premieres, and office parties. Not to mention weddings, baby showers, and family get-togethers. I remember being 5 years old and wearing some pearly lip gloss, and straightening my hair, which made me feel fancy AF! I grew up in that environment and I absolutely loved it. I felt like makeup (no matter how minimal it was) made me fully dressed.

Lola Montilla the power of makeupSo, my love affair with makeup grew through the years and I wanted to wear it everywhere, but pearly lip gloss didn’t suffice anymore; I wanted it to be bold, dark, and daring. And that’s when I hit a low called 2010. My mom confiscated my dark makeup and gave it to me once a year … for Halloween. So for two or three years I dressed up as a Rock Star and that was when I was happiest; with my runny eyeliner and dark mauve lipstick covered in chocolate. I was an interesting child. However, soon enough I learned that less is more, maybe too late, but better late than never. Am I right?

Now, I spend waaaay too much time watching makeup videos and “beating” my face. (Relax, it’s a makeup term). But surprisingly, now my makeup looks so much better, and a lot more natural than before! I feel like makeup is something that should give us that confidence boost and make us feel like we have an edge that our clothes just don’t give us. I mean, does any item of clothing compare to what it feels like to successfully wing your eyeliner? Didn’t think so.

Lola Montilla the power of makeupMakeup is great and all but, once in a while you have to be able to take it off and recognize your bare face in a mirror and accept that the person you are with a full face of makeup is the same person you are when you have nothing on. My mom always taught me that my personality has to match the makeup I’m wearing, because a pretty face and an ugly attitude don’t go together. No amount of makeup can make-up for that.

So go ahead chica! Beat your face, arch those brows, and wing that eyeliner. You do you! Work it, smile, and above all – SLAY. But at the end of the day, be ready to pick up that makeup wipe with the same excitement as you do when you grab your blending sponge and realize that even if you are beautiful with makeup on, you are absolutely astonishing when you are wearing nothing at all.





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