5 Ways to Save Time and Manage Your Brand’s Instagram Like a Pro

Having a consistent online presence takes time and effort. Social media influencers don’t develop themselves overnight. Behind every eye candy on Instagram there are countless of sleepless nights of colorizing dull photos of food and shiny balloons. Nowadays you have to be your own Annie Leibovitz online. I bet you didn’t think you would have to become an expert in Photoshop when you decided to pursue a passion in finance, writing, fashion, cooking, or traveling and yet here we are.

Whether you’re new to the social media scene or you’ve noticed a lull with your profiles, these tips for managing your online presence will help free up your time for Sunday brunch or binge watching Game of Thrones. In this era of Instagram, you don’t need a full-time staff to rock an awesome online presence. You just need some creativity, the right tools, and a clear strategy to get you looking stylish and fabulous online.

Download scheduling and editing apps.

Too often, people will post on IG without thought or consideration for how an image will look next to other photos. Scheduling apps allow you to upload photos and you can see exactly how scheduled photos will play within the overall look of your profile. This way you can be strategic and intentional with how you share your photos. Check out Planoly, Later and VSCO.




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