Naomi Hearts is a Trans Latina TikTok Trailblazer Dedicated to Fat Positivity

Naomi Hearts’s signature phrase “fupanza” encompasses her message – love and embrace your body as it is

Naomi Hearts TikTok Translatina

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Naomi Hearts’s signature phrase “fupanza” encompasses her message – love and embrace your body as it is. The 24-year-old content creator is a plus size trans Latina who began her transition at the age of 16 and shares her story on the social platform to inspire her followers to feel confident. With nearly 900K followers, she’s built a community and now she’s being recognized for her work as one of the 12 LGBTQ+ TikTok Trailblazers of 2022. Naomi, whose family is from Guadalajara, Mexico, started using TikTok around the same time most people did – amid the lockdown in 2020. Now she’s known for her body positivity, her “fupanza”, and the joy she’s found in living her authentic self.

“There was so much uncertainty in the world, and it caused a lot of fear. So, for me, TikTok was an escape! I was inspired to share my story after realizing how much it resonated with other people and how much they loved seeing a plus-size trans person embrace joy,” she tells HipLatina.

She shares multiple videos about embracing her fatness including a recent one on enjoying fat girl summer. It’s this confidence and joy in her body that many of her followers have come to know her for and feel motivated by. She shares that growing up in a Latinx household was “hard” because her weight was often criticized. She recalls being judged for what she ate and how much she ate – a common issue in our community, known for calling women gordas so casually. She’s reclaimed the term by celebrating the fupanza instead of hiding her stomach.


This summer let’s embrace the FuPanza💗 #trans #relatable #foru #plussize #plussizeedition

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“My best advice is to know that you and your body are so beautiful and that our mothers and grandmothers are still dealing with their own trauma that stems from fatness,” she says. “It will be hard not to give in to what they say but just know that you have a community of plus-size people behind you who love you.We live in a world where society tells us fat is wrong, so for people to see someone own it and live life so happily helps people feel more confident in their skin.”

In true TikTok fashion, she makes the most of 60 seconds not just with empowering messages but by sharing her journey as a trans woman. She recently posted a video showing herself before her transition followed by her marriage in 2020 and fashion campaigns she’s had since her transition. The impact of trans joy especially with the Latinx community is major considering only 33 percent of Latinx trans youth are able to dress in a way that reflects their gender identity, according to the 2018 LGBTQ Latinx Youth Report from the Human Rights Campaign. Naomi’s loud and proud existence is exactly the reason she’s a TikTok trailblazer. So what would she tell those in the trans community who are struggling? “I would say don’t give up. No dream is too big or too small. It won’t be easy and can be a lot of work, but as long as you always push for that dream, I believe you can achieve it.”


If you asked me 10 years ago what my life would be like I would have never imagined this🥺 forever grateful for the journey💗🥺#greenscreen #relatable #foru #trans #plussizeedition #plussize

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In a world where social media breeds comparisons, FOMO, and insecurities, Naomi is all about being authentic and therefore uniquely yourself. As a full-time content creator, her greatest joy is the community she’s built and she reminds them that it’s not about being like anyone, but just being you: “Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you because, in life, all we can do is be the best versions of ourselves.” Perhaps the simplicity of the message undermines its impact considering she’s the embodiment of trans Latina plus size joy. Two communities that separately endure scrutiny so her existence is a powerful message and to have the community she’s developed is a testament what she brings to the platform and what’s clearly so needed.

“My message to my Latine community struggling to come out is to take your time. There is never a rush. I was pushed out of the closet and was very lucky to have a supportive family. In my head, I was so scared they would disown me. If you’re scared, I would suggest asking them questions to see how they feel about it and slowly start building that courage. When you’re ready to come out, the world is ready.”

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