Netflix Drops the First Clip of Christian Serratos as Selena

Netflix loves to drop a good teaser and this has especially been the case when it comes to their new Selena series

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Photo: Unsplash/@freestocks

Netflix loves to drop a good teaser and this has especially been the case when it comes to their new Selena series. But we ain’t mad about it. We’re actually living for these glimpses of the highly anticipated series on the late Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla. This morning, Netflix surprised us with the release of the first clip ever of actress Christian Serratos playing her title role of Selena.

There was talk earlier this fall that Serratos had landed the role but no official confirmation before today. The story was that she was being considered to play Selena but after sleuthing on Serratos’s Instagram page and discovering two shots of The Walking Dead star dressed as Selena, there was no denying the fact that she was, in fact, playing the Mexican-American icon. Needless to say, this clip is the final confirmation we needed.

Netflix introduces Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla by showing her reading a script. Serratos is in full Selena wardrobe getting into character. Serratos is seen practicing Selena’s dance moves, singing like her, and even applying lipstick the way Selena used to. We also see actor Ricardo Chavira as Selena’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla. In the last scene of the clip, an announcer yells out, “Alright Christian, we’re ready to shoot,” and Serratos looks playfully into the camera.

We still don’t have an official date for when this series will air. Last year, when news first dropped that Netflix and the Quintanilla family would be producing a series about Selena, there were mixed feelings shared on social media.

But now that this clip is finally out, people are having a change of heart, and who can blame them? The show looks very well produced and directed. We can’t wait to see more. Here’s the clip below. Let us know what you think!

Serratos, a principal cast member of The Walking Dead since 2014, got her big break as Angela in the Twilight film series. But she’s been in the Hollywood game for quite some time. The 29-year-old actress from Los Angeles has been immersed in showbiz because both of her parents work in the industry. Her Mexican mom works as an agent, and her Italian dad helps to construct film and TV sets. In 2017, she and boyfriend David Boyd, lead singer of New Politics, had a baby girl.

While Serratos is relatively private about her personal life and sticks to discussing her role as “Rosita” on The Walking Dead, that will certainly change once this series is out. Her life will never ever be the same.

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