Peralta Project’s Latest Drop Pays Homage to ‘90s Novelas

I probably get at least one telenovela meme DM or text a month from mami, my sister, my cousins, or my fellow Latina friends

Photo: Unsplash/@stephenmont

Photo: Unsplash/@stephenmont

I probably get at least one telenovela meme DM or text a month from mami, my sister, my cousins, or my fellow Latina friends. We claim we hate novelas but the truth is we all still know ALL the lyrics to the Carrusel and Luz Clarita theme song. Mind you, I never know the lyrics to even my favorite songs but I know these. We’ve seen every Thalia novela that was worth watching. Yes, I’m talking about María la del Barrio, Marimar, and Quinceañera. We knew who Kate de Castillo was years before La Reina del Sur, during her Muchacitas days. Whether we want to accept or embrace it or not, we’re all ‘90s novela fans. So much so, that when Tony Peralta decided to drop tees inspired by them, my sister was quick to DM me about the collaboration.

Peralta released just three shirts inspired by the three novelas that come to mind when he thinks of ‘90s novelas — Dos Mujeres in Un Camino, Luz Clarita, and María la del Barrio. He definitely hit it on the money when it comes to some of the most popular novelas of that decade and the tees are straight up fire. Though being the ‘90s novelas baby that I am, I’m hoping he eventually expands. In fact, peeps have already come at him — nicely though — with the requests on Twitter.  But it looks like Peralta is dead set on keeping it at these three because he finds them to be his most memorable. I hear that but still praying he expands — sorry, not sorry!

I’m also low-key really digging the name of the collection — Bootleg Novela Collection. Though let’s be clear there’s nothing bootleg about them. Peralta is known for serving high-quality products — even his tees. And at $40 a piece, I’m certain these shirts will probably last you a while.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I’m already contemplating adding a Bootleg Novelas tee in mami and abuela’s gift bags because I know they’d be all for it, especially considering they’re the reason why I ever watched novelas in the first place.

“Novelas reign supreme in every Latino household. Growing up my mother hijacked the living room remote control and I didn’t think of changing the channel while her Novelas aired. You either joined in or you were lucky enough there was a 2nd TV set in the household — hopefully in your bedroom. The Bootleg Novelas series is a homage to the novelas of the ’90s whose theme songs hold permanent real estate in my psyche,” it reads on

Did I mention they ship in 5-7 business? Cop them while they’re still around and gift them to your mami, your abuelitas, and your tias this Mother’s Day. They cost about how much a bouquet of flowers will retails at on Mother’s Day but will last way more than just a few days. No one will be mad at you!

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