Must Listen: 10 Podcasts Hosted By and For Latina Moms

Much like the radio shows of yesteryear, podcasts give us something to keep us company during while we work and when we have our hands full with household chores

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Much like the radio shows of yesteryear, podcasts give us something to keep us company during while we work and when we have our hands full with household chores. The rising popularity of podcasts and now the growing number of Latinx podcasts means we have another space for stories from people of color. When it comes to the Latinx experience, our stories are varied and complex and there are podcasts for different topics including mental health and identity and even Latina motherhood.

Being a mom can be an isolating and sometimes even lonely experience, and a lot of us end up turning to books, blogs and online groups for camaraderie, advice and even to find supportive friendships. These podcasts by Latina moms can also provide all of that and we wanted to highlight some of our favorites that we think you’ll enjoy.


The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast

We love the concept of the Latina Mom Legacy Podcast which was started by Colombian-American mamá Janny Perez, who also happens to design some of our favorite empowering shirts and bags for her company Mi Legasi. In each episode, Janny interviews different Latinas to discuss topics like motherhood, raising bicultural children and Latinx traditions. The podcast is mostly presented in Spanglish and is intended for a global audience, which means it offers a variety of perspectives and experiences.


Chicana & Latina Moms Podcast

The Chicana & Latina Moms Podcast is something that all of us need. Host Amapola Ramirez is a social worker committed to helping Latina moms juggling the many demands of life, prioritize self-care, and avoid burnout. She posts a new podcast episode every week on topics ranging from forgiveness to dealing with personal insecurities, most of which are easily digestible at less than an hour long.wp_*posts

Latina Money Moms

At less than a year old, the Latina Money Moms Podcast is relatively new and there aren’t a ton of episodes but what’s there is very valuable and educational. It’s a personal finance-focused podcast geared specifically toward Latina moms who want to learn how to build generational wealth by budgeting, paying off debt, and of course, saving. wp_*posts

El Salon Chronicles

The name alone is enough to make us tune into the El Salon Chronicles podcast hosted by three first generation Dominicanas. They’re all from New York and promise to deliver their content “unfiltered,” which we love. Moms do not have time for deciphering implied messages, we need straightforward, honest conversations, which is exactly what this podcast offers up when it comes to everything from sex and relationships to current events.wp_*posts

As a Mutha

On the As a Mutha podcast, Latina moms Jannira and Sofia, who’ve been best friends since college, talk all things motherhood and what it takes to “make it” in life as Latinas. The work to help inspire and encourage other moms striving to achieve their goals as women and mothers. Episodes cover everything from the immigrant experience to mental health.wp_*posts

3 Righteous Mamas

The podcast 3 Righteous Mamas is a bit different than the other podcasts on this list because it’s hosted by three different American moms  who identify as a Latina, Muslim, and queer. The three hosts met after the 2016 presidential election and set about using their experiences to find ways to “make the world a better place for all of our kids.” On the podcast, they interview a slew of interesting guests representing various fields from the arts to science, and discuss many of the questions and challenges facing moms today.wp_*posts

Latina Docs Podcast

The Latina Docs podcast is really niche, but it’s one that can be truly helpful for Latina physicians looking for advice, connection and community. Latina medical doctors are under-represented  in the U.S. with only 5.8 percent of all physicians in the country including men and women, identifying as Hispanic. Hosts and Latina moms Dr. Ursula Lang and Dr. Vanessa Calderón are committed to helping Latina physicians and those studying to be physicians grow both personally and professionally.wp_*posts

Latinas Break

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Latina moms and professionals Denny Alfonso and Estefania Iglesias are spilling the tea on what it’s like to be a an empowered Latina living in the U.S. and trying to balance life, kids and their careers, on their podcast Latinas Break. Their funny and insightful stories are something we can all relate to! And there’s lots of mommy content too, including discussions on childbirth and raising multicultural little ones.wp_*posts

It Takes You

Latina stylist Tannya Bernadette has a great podcast titled It Takes You in which she uses her experience in the world of styling to help listeners find the beauty in various areas of their lives from weight loss to politics. Though Tannya hosts solo, she does occasionally feature guests who are experts on various topics on the podcast as well. If you need a pep talk and some practical tips, this is one to tune into.wp_*posts

Tootsie Rolaids-Life’s Sweet Relief

Although there hasn’t been a new episode in awhile, Tootsie Rolaids-Life’s Sweet Relief is a really valuable, insightful and informational podcast to check out. It’s all about Latinas offering each other support amid all of life’s challenges from battling infertility to mental health struggles, and doing it with a healthy dose of humor. There are tons of episodes covering various aspects of in vitro fertilization so for moms going through or considering IVF, it may be of particular interest.

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