#TBT: 9 Popular Beauty Trends of The 1990s

Oh, the ’90s — it’s the decade we refuse to forget. Many of the major trends for the past few seasons are remixes from this decade, and there are no signs of this influence slowing down. We know you like a little bit of nostalgia as much as we do, so HipLatina is launching a new series called #TBT, where we take a look back at the people, trends, issues, and more that defined a point in time. First up, those interesting, often regrettable, beauty trends from the 1990s.

Photo: Pinterest

Scrunchies, Barrettes, and Butterfly Clips

Scrunchies, barrettes, and butterfly clips kept our ponytails and buns big, bold, and colorful. Believe it or not, scrunchies are actually back in style. This is a trend that will have you either saying “no way,” or “totally, dude!”

Dark Lipliner, Light Lipstick

One of the major beauty moments in the ’90s that have many now scratching their heads thinking: “how?” and “why?” is the notion of wearing dark brown lip liner with super light lipstick. It seemed at one point that the more extreme the contrast, the better. We’re talking almost black liner with frosty white lip, folks.

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