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7 Women To Follow On Instagram For Daily Inspiration


With everything happening in the news looking on the bright side can feel like a real struggle– I know it is for me. One of the things I do to combat reality and keep my sanity in tact is fill my Instagram feed with accounts that inspire, delight and push me to grow. Luckily there are tons of awesome women on the internet pouring positivity, strength, and light for the rest of us to soak up.  Here are 7 amazing women you should be following for your healthy dose of daily inspiration.

Emilia Ortiz

Emilia Ortiz is a mental health advocate, bruja, spiritual advisor and motivational speaker. Her videos are full of wisdom that really help you connect back into yourself when you start feeling depressed, anxious or dealing with issues like toxic family members.


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Even if you don't have reasons to be happy make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you're going to be happy one way or another no matter what…even when you don’t feel like it. 💃🏾 If you have to ignore everybody; if you have to never watch television again; if you have to never pick up a newspaper again — you are going to be happy, if you never have to see *that person's face again you are going to be happy. If you have to see the person's face, you are going to find something to see in that person’s face that makes you happy. 👠 Happiness is a choice. From somebody that has never a dull moment and still wakes up everyday with a smile in her face, I know for sure that happiness is a choice. But let me be clear here, you don't have to be happy. You don't owe happiness to anyone. Not for your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not for your coworkers, especially not for random people on the street. Definitely not for me. You don't own happiness to your mother, you don’t own it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Happiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space in this world. 🎒 Happiness is your true selfish win against it all for your own advantage. 🤛🏽 🌹 EN ESPAÑOL EN LOS COMENTARIOS ABAJO👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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She travels, she does yoga and she eats tacos. Aidee is always smiling, exuding positivity and reflecting on politics and human rights.

Melissa Lopez

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The reality is that many many therapists in the mental health field will claim expertise they do not have especially in working with BIPOC and Queer folx. Remember you are not a hobby or experiment for someone. It is okay to ask and expect that your therapist share some of your identities….. old school mental health says that shouldn’t matter but it absolutely does. (You saw “Get Out” right?) If someone isn’t your identity ask them why they are marketing themselves to your community. Even if you and your therapist are both marginalized it is okay to ask them about their understanding of oppression and colonization. As a Latinx with proximity to whiteness I expect folx who are Black or other Latinx folx who are darker to ask me what my experience level is working with folx like them. Same goes for other identities. Is your therapist doing their own work or expecting to use you as a learning tool? Find those therapists, there isn’t a perfect therapist but there are folx out there committed to doing their own work and acknowledging how their privileges impact the therapeutic space. Mental health professionals need to urgently do better. #mentalhealth #counseling4allseasons #therapists #realtalk #letsbereal #therapy #healing #decolonizementalhealth #bipocmentalhealthmatters #queermentalhealthmatters #demandmore

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Melissa Lopez is a self proclaimed fat, queer POC femme therapist. Her IG is a mix of  art and therapeutic thoughts.

 Sophie Kwok

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I just wanna find someone who looks at me the way I look at this pup 😂 . In all seriousness though, just wanted to remind you, If you’re single af too this Valentine’s, YOU are ENOUGH. . Smart enough, pretty enough, man enough, skinny enough, strong enough. You’re enough. . The world could really use an extra dose of your love. Whether it be to a friend, stranger, neighbor, family, or your boo. Loves beautiful, let’s spread it! . Try and encourage at least 3 people today, just because you might make their day. 🤗 . Ideas: your gratitude towards them, how they impact others, why you’re proud, how handsome / beautiful they are, their talents, or how loved they are. . Tell me how it goes? 👇🏻

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Do you love, love? Sophie does! She’s the founder of Love Intently an app that empowers couples to stay in love. She’s also got plenty of beautiful musings on life and relationships.

Chani Nicholas

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. F U L L M O O N F E E L S . Don’t mind me while I crawl into this suitcase for a minute. . Full moons expose us. Leave us feeling attacked. Raw. Emotional, yes, but more than that full moons expose our vulnerabilities. . It’s their superpower. . It’s ours too. Our vulnerabilities point us to our most pressing inner work. They tell stories of our past, but also teach us about the possibility of healing our present relationship to life. Whatever comes up for us during a full moon is exactly what we need to work on. Never doubt it. It’s some of the most powerful medicine we are given and we get a little every lunar cycle. . Take good care of yourselves, but also take time to consciously unpack and process what’s been revealed with this full moon. Cultivate as much compassion and care for yourself as you can. . This full moon was in Virgo, a sign known for many things, but not for going easy on themselves. As critical as Virgo is outwardly, they are doubly (or more) so inwardly. Virgo always needs to remember that shame isn’t supposed to be a final destination. Just a powerful motivator to move past once we’ve done the work of understanding why we feel it in the first place. . Sending big LOVE out ❤️ . #FullMoon #FullMoonHangover #Virgo #AstrologyForRealLife #AstroMemes

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Chani will have you picking your life off the ground and examining why Mercury’s retrograde is ruining your life again. Her astrology is dead on and her memes are hilarious.

 Brene Brown

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She’s an author and a researcher studying courage, vulnerability, empathy, and shame. She’s got amazing insight into pretty much everything we do as humans.

 Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe is a model and a human rights activist. But mostly she’s just an overall badass. She fights for everything she thinks is right and stands up against evil doers.


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