11 Latinx Films To Stream in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

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Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, maybe pamper yourself a bit, and watch a movie at home. And who says that while you’re in front of the big or small screen you can’t learn something or be inspired? We’ve already tackled films on immigration, but here are 11 other films showcasing all things Latinx. Check them out before Hispanic Heritage Month is over.


City of God (2002)

Growing up in one of the poorest favelas of Rio de Janeiro, the main character of this film manages to escape a destiny condemned to drugs through photographs. Ironically, it’s by taking photos of the opposing gangs and their drug wars that he’s able to improve the favela’s future by showing the world what a bleak outlook it has. Nominated for four Academy Awards, this film is available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

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