There’s a Body Positive Movement to Embrace Saggy Boobs and It’s About Time!

Have you ever looked down at your boobs and been unhappy with their size, shape or the way that they sag? Yup, me too

Photo: Instagram/theslumflower

Photo: Instagram/theslumflower

Have you ever looked down at your boobs and been unhappy with their size, shape or the way that they sag? Yup, me too. Every woman I know has had some sort of body image issues when it comes to the way her boobs look. It’s difficult to not compare yourself to Victoria’s Secret models with their perfect boobs… but one blogger is now making strides with a body positivity movement that is focused primarily on embracing our breasts in their natural form.

Chidera Eggerue started the #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement and is an outspoken advocate who posts gorgeous photos of her own saggy boobs on Instagram. According to HelloGiggles, the Instagram star is constantly showing up in fashion forward outfits and wearing her saggy ladies proud. The 23-year-old stopped wearing bras at 19 and has talked openly about why she started this movement, saying: “My biggest goal is to simply normalize nature. Not all natural boobs are saggy. Not all older women have saggy boobs. Boobs are just boobs.”

The movement has begun to spark joy on Twitter and Instagram, with her followers commenting about how inspiring her posts are — and writing their own messages about embracing their saggy breasts as well. Despite the positive feedback, the outspoken blogger believes strides still need to be made when it comes to women accepting their bodies and embracing body positivity in their lives.

“As much as there’s progress, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the way we speak about women’s bodies,” Eggerue said to Insider. “The body positivity movement can often be harder for slim women to participate in, because we have body hangups, too.”

The positive messages that accompany her posts on social media are constantly inspiring and real about the way we view women’s bodies. In one post, she says over and over that “saggy boobs are not a flaw. They’re a feature.” In another, she points out the hypocrisy of how men view women’s bodies and how women condemn other women and themselves. In another, she simply makes it clear what we can all learn: “Repeat after me: I was created with intention, purpose and a divine reason that exists beyond surface value and I will never be sorry for not meeting anybody’s standards. #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER”

As to why this movement is so important to her, she wrote:

“I created the hashtag #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER because women are shamed when their bodies don’t appease the male gaze. Saggy boobs are under represented. Being under represented makes you feel alien to society. This fosters insecurities in people who don’t have the mental strength to see value in themselves beyond other people’s standards.
Responding to #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER with ‘all boobs matter’ is absurd, as this erases and silences the issue at hand here. If all boobs mattered, all boobs would be equally represented.”

Hear, hear! And her fans are responding:

When it comes to the body positivity, we are ALL here for embracing the parts of our bodies that we find most shameful. With #SaggyBoobsMatter making waves on social media, now is the time to embrace your body for everything that it is — saggy boobs and all, of course.

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