Salma Hayek, And Others, Congratulate Yalitza Aparicio On Her Historic Oscar Nomination

We are still flying high on the news that actress Yalitza Aparicio got an Oscar nomination for her role in Roma

Photo: Wikimedia/Georges Biard

Photo: Wikimedia/Georges Biard

We are still flying high on the news that actress Yalitza Aparicio got an Oscar nomination for her role in Roma. We, however, are far from the only ones celebrating her historical honor as the first Mexican indigenous actor to be nominated for an Oscar. Several female celebrities have been posting their congratulatory messages to the star.

Salma Hayek, who is the only other Mexican actress ever to receive an Oscar nomination, posted this lovely Instagram message for Aparicio: “In 2002 I became the first Mexican actress nominated for best actress. I’m very moved that today I am no longer alone. Congratulations @yalitzaapariciomtz for your so well deserved nomination. I hope this time you win.”

Other celebrities also chimed in including America Ferrera who wrote on Instagram “Only the second Mexican woman after @salmahayek to ever be nominated for leading actress. Congratulations to @yalitzaapariciomtz for her Oscar nomination for Roma,” and Eva Longoria said: “Congrats to the talented and amazing @yalitzaapariciomtz For your Oscar nomination!”

Gina Rodriguez wrote “Aparicio is continuously breaking down barriers for people of color, in December she became the first woman of Indigenous descent to appear on the cover of Vogue Mexico, which led to the magazine’s largest-ever social media response…Aparicio is an amazing role model that the world needs right now. You make us all so proud and inspired, Yalitza. Congrats!”

Actress Gabrielle Union tweeted “This week’s #WCW is a star. Not a star in the making, but a bonafide star! Her performance in Roma was haunting and layered, and I can’t wait to keep watching her shine.” Michelle Monaghan tweeted “Serendipity. I think that is the only way to describe pursuing a degree in early childhood education, then accompanying your pregnant sister to an audition in which she feels ill and insists you take her place, which results in you winning said role (out of 3,000 other women). Then this role turns out to be an Oscar-nominated performance. WOW! This is exactly the serendipitous moment Yalitza Aparicio is living and breathing!”

We think Jessica Alba said it best with: “Her performance in @alfonsocuaron film #Roma is So beautifully tender, her ability to put forth naivety and youthful hope coupled with her quiet unwavering strength with the family she works with, made her the heart of the film… it doesn’t beat without her at the center. I went on the journey of this story with her and felt every and all emotion alongside her. What a true beauty she is as a performer, person (I’ve been stalking her online interviews) and she’s quickly become a fashion icon. She’s been thrust into the spotlight, which is challenging for even the most seasoned performers and has handled it with such grace and humility. Let’s lift her up folks✨⭐️and give this star mad love! Thank you Yalitza for breaking down barriers and being a pillar of strength and light for women, Mexican women, indigenous people, and domestic workers. I’m looking forward to watching where you will go next.”

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