Santas No More! How Latinas Are Reclaiming Our Sexual Agency

Many Latinas do not grow up discussing things like sexual wellness, pleasure, or reproductive health

Sexual Empowerment

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“Douching practices are shaped by social and cultural norms regarding hygiene, reproduction, and sexuality. There was a lack of research in this area. Douching was popular among Latinas because of the emphasis to be clean in order to increase our chances of finding a husband,” says Wildilisa Silverman, a Dominican-American licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in sex therapy. “Using Lemisol was like a rite of passage, it meant you were entering womanhood. It’s a household name that gets passed on from our mothers and it was something we didn’t question.”

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After becoming a sexologist, Story began to work as a coach and consultant for various startups in their product development departments and it was during this time she was made aware of the high levels of toxic ingredients that were being included in numerous products but not actually being addressed in the industry.

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