19 Ways to Save Money While Eating Healthy in 2018

MAIN IMAGE: https://unsplash.com/photos/9m2RZvHS_cU

I am a big fan of healthy eating. There isn’t a vegetable I won’t try or a recipe I won’t cook—at least once. But the truth is that my life was not always this way. Not only did I grow up a severely picky eater but I also carried quite a few extra pounds because I indulged in junk food on a pretty constant basis. However, with a new year, there’s no time like the present to set a New Year’s Resolution that will hit two birds with one stone: Get healthy and save money.

The best way to get healthy isn’t just about heading to the gym (though that can’t hurt either) but also about eating well. And the best way to save money is, funnily enough, through eating well too. So why not conquer these two resolutions all at once? From cooking at home as much as possible to buying generic brands to swapping in for vegetarian protein, here are my 20 best tips for saving money while also eating healthy this year. As a convert of eating well AND not spending a ton of dough, you’ll definitely want to trust me on these.

Meal planning is absolutely essential.

I absolutely, positively love meal planning. There are tons of apps for this, but I keep things simple and just do it on a “Note” on my phone. Meal planning is definitely essential if you want to save money while eating healthy, since it allows you to grocery shop in a smart way while also making sure you don’t waste any food. This doesn’t have to be super complicated, but having a general sense of what meals you’re making helps you to stay on track.




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