7 Facts You May Not Know About Selena Quintanilla

Though it’s been more than 25 years since the death of the iconic Selena Quintanilla at the age of 23, the love fans have for her has not wavered but only grown over time

Selena Quintanilla

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Though it’s been more than 25 years since the death of the iconic Selena Quintanilla at the age of 23, the love fans have for her has not wavered but only grown over time. La Reina de Tejano Music is a fixture on social media (#selenaquintanilla has nearly a million posts on Instagram) with reels and TikToks dedicated to sharing video clips and facts about her. Though she’s known primarily for her music, fans have shared other facets of her life and passions that many might not know about. For instance, Selena owned a boutique and salon, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and fashion sense. She also gained her big break through a Coca-Cola contract, becoming the first female Tejano artist to sign a major endorsement deal with the company. These seven little-known facts highlight Selena’s talents and achievements beyond her music, adding to her enduring legacy as an influential and beloved icon.


She had a boutique and salon.

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Selena opened two boutique locations known as Selena, Etc., one in native Corpus Christi and the other San Antonio, in 1994. In addition to fashion items (some designed by Selena) there was memorabilia and a full-service salon.  The boutiques were a dream come true for Selena, who had a deep passion for fashion, so following her death in 1995 they remained open to honor her memory. The San Antonio location closed in 1999 while the Corpus Christi location closed in 2009.


She didn’t believe in horoscopes


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Selena was known for her down-to-earth personality and beliefs grounded in her faith.  In this interview with talk show host Cristina Saralegui (shared on TikTok by @_anythingforselenas_) she shared that not only did she not believe in horoscopes, she also didn’t believe in destiny. She went on to share that she believed in hard work and considering her work ethic that makes sense!


She told Chris she loved him in a Pizza Hut.

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In his book,To Selena, With Love (2015), Chris Perez detailed their relationship and shared stories about her including how she declared her love for him inside a Pizza Hut. Selena’s love for pizza is well known thanks to the 1997 biopic Selena starring Jennifer Lopez so learning that pizza was a crucial part of the start of their love story makes sense.


She adopted five dogs and a snake.


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Selena and Chris loved animals so after they were married the ended up adopting five dogs in total and even a snake. There’s video footage of Selena play with her bull mastiffs and we’ve seen the photo of Chris and Selena with them as well.  In his book, Chris shares how the ended up with their dogs  Pebbles, Jax, Taylor, Winnie, and Andre and the python that once escaped (though they did eventually find it).


She got her big break with a Coca-Cola contract

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Selena  won the Coca-Cola Radio Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 1989. As a result, Coca-Cola offered Selena a record deal making her the first female Tejano artist to sign a major endorsement contract with the company. This partnership helped take Selena’s career to new heights, providing her with increased exposure and opportunities for success. The Coca-Cola contract was a significant milestone in Selena’s career, and it marked a turning point in her career.


She played a small part as mariachi singer.

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Selena had a brief but memorable appearance in the 1994 film Don Juan Demarco which starred Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando. Selena played a small role as a mariachi singer and was credited as Selena Perez. Though it was an exciting venture for the star, sadly she didn’t get to see the film as it was released after her death.


Her dream was to be a clothing designer.

Video: YouTube/@SelenaWorld

Selena had a passion for fashion design that was close to her heart. Selena famously created her own bustiers and eventually worked with designer Martin Gomez to create a clothing line that was sold in her boutiques.”Before we met, she used to make her own bustiers for her stage show. She would buy bras at Victoria’s Secret and glue-gun Swarovski crystals onto them,” Gomez shared during an interview with Texas Monthly in 2010.

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