5 Locations Every Selena Quintanilla Super Fan Needs to Visit

It is beautiful to see how Selena’s memory has remained alive the last two decades. I remember as a child my mom would bump Selena’s music and I would lip sync to it in front of the mirror. Now a whole new generation of little girls and boys are growing up with her music! We can thank social media, YouTube, and music streaming for that. And while our way to remember Selena may rely on the digital space, there are also real life sites where fans can remember and celebrate her at as well. Let’s take a look at a few of these locations.

Selena Museum

Selena Sites Every Super Fan Needs to Visit HipLatina

The Selena Museum is located in her hometown in Corpus Christi, Texas. Here you will able to see the record studio where Selena and Los Dinos recorded their music. There are also hundreds of Selena photographs and awards hanging on the walls. The most special part though is seeing different personal items that belonged to Selena such as her childhood dolls, her art sketches, and her iconic outfits.




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