12 Essential Pieces to Buy to Imitate Selena Quintanilla’s Iconic Looks

Selena Quintanilla is an icon for so many reasons

Selena Quintanilla

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Selena Quintanilla is an icon for so many reasons. Her incredible voice, great music, and huge heart are unforgettable and her fabulous, signature style is still iconic till this day. There are certain pieces that will automatically bring to mind the Queen of Tejano Music. Here we break down 12 of the items that make for the perfect Selena-inspired wardrobe, as well as where to shop. (Bonus: each item is under $50!)

White Button-Up Shirt

classic white shirt

Photo: Oldnavy.gap.com

Selena really knew how to work a basic white collared shirt. From the ruffled white blouse from the Amor Prohibido album, to an oversized white button-up tied at the waist; she made the ordinary extraordinary. Borrow an oversized shirt from the fella in your life, or buy a cute version for the ladies, like this one from Old Navy, and channel your inner superstar. Old Navy Classic Shirt for Women, $22.00


Dazzling Bustiers

Sparkly bustiers were an integral part of Selena’s dazzling stage persona. They were sexy, flirty and stylish. This would make for a fun DIY project; just buy a plain bra and affix rhinestones, pearls, and/or fringe with a glue gun or fabric adhesive. If you’d rather buy the completed look, there are a variety of dope Selena-inspired bustiers created by Fling Costumery, out of Austin, Texas. Fling Costumery Rhinestone Bustier, $36.00


Highwaisted Pants

What better way for Selena to highlight her tiny, toned tummy, and hourglass curves than with sleek, highwaisted pants? Nab a pair, like these affordable leggings from ASOS, and add a belt for an extra layer of Selena fashion cred. ASOS Leggings with Deep Waistband, $16.00

black leggings

Photo: Asos.com


Bold Earrings

Selena was into bold, statement pieces, and her earrings were definitely attention-grabbing. From large hoops to chandelier and drop earrings in all shapes and sizes, her earrings were the perfect finishing touch to her elaborate outfits. These earrings by LoveForSelena are inspired by these fab pearl drop earrings that Selena was married in, and wore constantly. loveforselena Selena Quintanilla Inspired Pearl Drop Earrings, $30.00 


Black Sheer Mesh Top

You can picture it in your head now: Selena wearing a badass sheer mesh top while elegantly twirling her hands as if flamenco dancing, as she was known to do. She was always able to pull off sexy looks without looking inappropriate. Nail the look with this ‘90s-inspired, on trend mesh top by Forever 21. Forever 21 Sheer Mesh Top, $8.00

Selena black mesh top

Photo: Forever21.com


Black Short Circle Skirt

A skirt that Selena rocked the sheer black top with, was a classic, flirty, short, black circle skirt. This is a timeless closet staple, and an essential part of any Selena-esque wardrobe. Vintage Divinitiess makes a great, handmade version, which is available now in their Etsy shop. Vintage Divinitiess Black Circle Skirt, $35.00

Selena skirt

Photo: Etsy.com


Black Leather Jacket

The topper of choice for the badass and confident is the moto jacket. Of course, Selena’s was unique and ornate. This version from Forever 21 is the perfect balance of girly and tough. Forever 21 Studded Faux Leather Jacket, $43.00

leather jacket

Photo: Forever21.com


Baby Tee

Everyone should own a timeless white tee. Like everything else she wore, Selena took a simple item of clothing and elevated it. This white tee from Buy Fashion T-shirts is organic and slim fitting, so you can easily tuck it into a pair of pants or skirt. Don’t forget that belt as the finishing touch! Buy Fashion T-shirts Organic Ladies’ Ringspun TearAway™ Fashion Fit T-Shirt, $5.00-$7.00

Selena white tee

Photo: buyfashiontshirts.com


Form-Fitting, Bold-Colored Jumpsuit

Women with curves know that jumpsuits are perfection. They are comfortable, while also being striking, and highlight a small waist and and all the curves you want to show off. Selena knew this, and being the designer she was, created a number of gorgeous jumpsuits, including the three shown here. Fashion Nova has created a look very similar to Selena’s with their Many Talents jumpsuit. The best part is that you can convert the top into many different looks, getting several outfits for the price of one. Fashion Nova Many Talents Multi-Way Jumpsuit – Burgundy, $35.00

Selena-style jumpsuit

Photo: fashionnova.com


Embellished Belt

Like we have mentioned before, you can’t forget the belt. This western belt is back in style, along with other ‘90s looks, and is the perfect way to add a bit of shimmer to a neutral outfit. BELTISCOOL has a very Selena-ish version for under $30. BELTISCOOL Western Rhinestone Buckle Plain Belt, $28.00

Selena belt

Photo: Amazon.com


Cute Vest

Layering always makes an ensemble look more put together and thoughtout. No one can forget how cute Selena looked in the “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” video, with her denim vest, or how great she looked with the variety of other vests she rocked. Throw this H&M vest over that white tee and finish with an easy, breezy skirt to mimic the video, or pair with the sleek pants for another Selena look. H&M Denim Vest, $15

Selena Vest

Photo: HM.com


Fun Newsboy Cap

It’s obvious that Selena liked accessories that made a statement. She loved her hats: wearing everything from cowgirl hats, to baseball caps, to these newsboy caps, with fun patterns and embellishments. Fling Costumery has the Selena look down with this rhinestone brim newsboy, which is a replica of one she woreFling Costumery Style BBCR, Adult One Size, Black Newsboy Cap with Rhinestone Bill, $32.00

Selena hat

Photo: Etsy.com

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