Teen Posts Picture of Selena Singing to Her Uncle and Twitter Goes Nuts

Everyone has a Selena story

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Photo: Twitter/@aleenaacostaa

Everyone has a Selena story. Whether it involves singing along to her songs in the shower or taking a trip to see Selena’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — they’re all special nevertheless.

Aleena Acosta has a story too. The 18-year-old was once told that Selena sang to her uncle on stage. Now wrap your head around that for a second. It’s so rare to know someone that actually saw Selena sing live. But to say that Selena serenaded them live from a concert stage just seems completely out of this world. So, naturally, Aleena had her doubts.

Aleena told the mySA.com that her uncle — Rey Carrasco — insisted that not only had he met Selena back in the spring of 1993, but that she sang to him at the Midland Chaparral Center in Texas. But Aleena could not believe it. She needed proof. Aleena tweeted that her aunt had pictures of the big onstage moment between Selena and her uncle but misplaced the photos! Those images are worth gold, so the thought of losing them is heartbreaking.

Thankfully her aunt found the pictures of her uncle and Selena onstage together and tweeted them out!

Needless to say, that tweet went viral.

Aleena says that Selena was singing “Que Creias.” According to mySA.com, it was common for Selena to bring a male volunteer from the audience so she could serenade them. And Aleena’s uncle ended up being the lucky guy.

He was in awe of being on stage with her and the only thing between him and Selena was a microphone,” Aleena told mySA.com. “After she sang the song, Rey jumped off the stage not knowing he had left Selena with her arms wide opened about to give him a hug. That was his only regret of the night,” she said.

Imagine leaving Selena hanging like that. Wow!

We will leave you with this moment of Selena singing that same song in Houston, Texas.

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