The Life & Death of Selena Quintanilla Is Now a True-Crime Podcast

This podcast chronicles the incredible life, senseless murder, and enduring legacy of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

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We know everything there’s to know about Selena Quintanilla. Us, hardcore fans can tell you all about her childhood, her family, and her tragic death, but that doesn’t negate the fact that we’ll still eager to take in all sorts of new Selena entertainment (and there’s a lot). While there’s a variety of Selena television specials, Netflix movies, and a series on the way — we’ve never heard of a Selena true-crime podcast until now!

VAULT Studios, which has produced really cool true-crime podcasts including “Bardstown,” is releasing “SELENA: A STAR DIES IN TEXAS.” Two episodes are live now on streaming services. Here’s how VAULT describes this new true-crime podcast about the legendary Tejano singer. 

“SELENA: A STAR DIES IN TEXAS chronicles the incredible life, senseless murder, and enduring legacy of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Known to the world as ‘Selena,’ the Tejano superstar’s meteoric rise and tragic death left millions of fans heartbroken. With access to an extraordinary archive of rare and never-before-heard audio from TEGNA’s network of TV newsrooms across Texas.” 

This new podcast “captures the entire story of a superstar, a superfan, and the shocking murder that ended the life of a bright young star.” 

“Twenty-five years ago, Selena Quintanilla-Perez was already a legend in the Tejano music world and on the verge of crossover superstardom. But on March 31, 1995, after an argument in a motel room in Corpus Christi, Texas, Selena’s close friend and business partner Yolanda Saldívar fired a single bullet into her back as she was trying to flee. Selena was pronounced dead a short time later.”

Producers also share that the podcast will include “extensive coverage of the trial and incarceration of Saldivar, including never-before-heard audio of a jailhouse interview conducted by Sarah Lucero, a reporter with KENS in San Antonio. In the final episode, VAULT will explore how Selena’s legacy lives on today in her music, her fans, and in unexpected ways.” We’re intrigued. 

“SELENA: A STAR DIES IN TEXAS tries to make sense of a tragedy that still has repercussions 25 years later in American music and culture,” Adam Ostrow, chief digital officer, TEGNA, said in a press release. “With such a captivating story told in VAULT’s unique investigative style, our latest podcast is informative and entertaining for Selena fans, true crime junkies, and music lovers everywhere.”

We’ll definitely be listening, will you?

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