Pamper Your Amigas With These 9 Latinx-Owned Gifts

As we get older it becomes more clear that prioritizing wellness is essential


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As we get older it becomes more clear that prioritizing wellness is essential. With self-care and health being top priorities, why not give the gift of wellness this holiday season? Wellness can be everything from bath soaks to hydration to fitness to enjoy a fresh fruit drink because hydration is key. Latinx brands like Bloomi are making massage oils to help soothe muscles while Xula creates tinctures to help you sleep. This gift guide features all Latinx-owned brands with products that are all about self-care perfect for gifting a loved one or yourself.


Tranquila Bath Soak Ritual from Sanara Skincare


The Tranquila Bath Soak Ritual  from Sanara Skincare is perfect for anyone who is looking to heal their mind, body, and soul. Revive more than just your skin with ingredients like aloe, Jojoba oil, pink and red clay, and pomegranate. This kit includes a Yerba Maté bath soak and Chilean rosehip seed body oil, each product works like magic for normal, oily, combination, or dry skin. This is perfect for anyone who is looking for all-natural skincare to help them recharge.

Tranquila Bath Soak Ritual, $72, available at


Herbie Artisan Soap from Lilasuds


The Herbie Artisan Soap from Lilasuds gently cleanses the skin without drying it out so it’s especially beneficial during the winter months. It’s made with ingredients including lavender, oakmoss, neroli, tarragon, mint, and sandalwood. Each product from Lilasuds is hand made by Boricua jefa Desirée Velazquez who launched the artisanal soap shop in 2019.

Herbie Artisan Soap, $12.50, available at


Golden Girl Kit from Salut


The Golden Girl Kit from Salut is great for that friend who loves making healthy cocktails, mocktails, or flavored waters. This kit includes flavors like sweet mangos, turmeric, spicy ginger, and black pepper. Pair this gift with a bottle of bourbon, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, white wine, water, or coconut water. With an infusion bottle, strainer, and cube tray, your friend will have everything they need to have a good time.

Golden Girl Kit, $65, available


Relax Body and Massage Oil from Bloomi


With ingredients like sesame seed, grapeseed, pumpkin seed, and lavender, the Relax Body and Massage Oil from Bloomi is a great option for relaxation using only clean ingredients. It’s a dual-purpose oil perfect for massaging or everyday use with lavender aromatherapy. You can pair it with their Nourish Intimate Skin Moisturizer for an added layer of hydration that can be used in intimate areas as well.

Relax Body and Massage Oil, $20, available at


Lights Out from Xula


Xula is a Latinx and Black-owned CBD brand born in Mexico City that adapts ancestral herbal wisdom for   self-care products.  Perfect for the friend who needs a good night’s sleep, the Lights Out tincture helps the body relax to allow for deep and relaxing sleep. It includes cannabinoids, valerian, and chamomile in a newly revamped formula for even better sleep.

Lights Out, $68, available at


Xoco Bath Soak from Temazcal Life


The Xoco Bath Soak from Temazcal Life takes bubble baths to a new level with scents like lavender to help soothe those aching muscles and coconut milk to nourish and hydrate the skin. This unique product is ideal for falling asleep because of the mineral magnesium that helps the body relax.

Xoco Bath Soak, $12, available at Temazcal Life


Fitness App Subscriptions

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Online workouts are a trend that is here to stay and what could be better than gifting a subscription to a fitness app or online studio? Latina #fitfluencers like Massy Arias and Melissa Alcantara showcase tons of virtual exercises to their millions of followers on Instagram. Alcantara even created a 12-week program for all fitness levels. If apps aren’t an option, try an online membership to  Latinx-owned studios like Babes of Wellness or Queer Gym. Prices vary among each program.wp_*posts

Coastal Calm from Peach Box Co.


Peach Box Co’s The Coast Calm box includes a self journal, palo santo, a candle, a bath bomb, and lavender chocolate. Anyone who enjoys sitting by the fire and taking time for themselves is going to love this gift that’s truly all about feeding the body and soul.

Coast Calm, $94, available at


Vital Face Oil from Antedotum


The winter weather has made us realize that our skincare is so important. The Vital Face Oil from Antedotum will give your friends that dewy glow during the cold season. With key ingredients like vegan squalane, vitamin E, argan, fatty acids, and a citrus oil blend you’ll be giving the gift of hydration and protection. Karina Perez Marconi, who grew up in Puerto Rico, was inspired by the effortless beauty of Paris and developed the brand with that intention in mind.

Vital Face Oil, $75, available at

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