What it Means to Be Spiritual and How to Maintain Spiritual Grounding

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, which is an Astrological year —  yes, we undergo Astrological years — many of us are being called to explore spiritual concepts and what it means to live more in alignment with what feels liberating

Spiritual Work and Grounding with Esoteric Esa

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As we enter the Age of Aquarius, which is an Astrological year —  yes, we undergo Astrological years — many of us are being called to explore spiritual concepts and what it means to live more in alignment with what feels liberating. Aquarius is an energy of spiritual awakening, freedom-seeking, and radical, non-conforming, non-traditional expression of spirituality. You might be wondering “how do I become spiritual?” or “what does it mean to be spiritual?” May the following encourage you to pursue your unique definition of spiritual embodiment.

What Does it Mean to be Spiritual?

Spirituality is an embodiment and less of a label. Spirituality is a mirrored aspect of one’s personal philosophy. To be spiritual means to think independently on your own terms against any oppressive formats that inhibit the liberation of your soul and that of others. Embodying a spiritual approach to life encourages you to live as authentically true to self as possible. Aside from our flesh, we have our spirit, and your spirit (often referred to as your soul) is the conscious form of spirituality in all of its shortcomings and amplifications.

When we think of spiritual concepts it is easy to revert back to indoctrinated beliefs around spirituality that we learned through our colonized religion(s) from our upbringing in a Latin-American household. However, spirituality is about placing an emphasis on taking ownership of your unique outlook of what it means to live in alignment with yourself. This is less about perfectionism or purveying a “wholesome” perception. Our flaws grant us the ability to undergo the human experience. The human experience is spiritual in and of itself.

Your spiritual approach will differ from others because it is an eclectic process that can incorporate many approaches and concepts that you piecemeal from influential teachings derived from your ancestors, culture, religion and/or none of that at all. In short, to be spiritual means whatever you want it to be — and no one can question that or take its resonance from you. It’s your personal form of empowerment through the Universe.

How Do I Embody and Maintain my Spirituality?

Embodying a spiritual approach to life usually consists of a holistic view on the quality health and vitality of your mind, body, and soul. Meaning, allow yourself to ebb and flow from being angry, balanced, happy, or sad. Embodying the spiritual approach to life doesn’t require you to reach this enlightened state of eternal bliss. Quite frankly, self-awareness and accountability are key motives to maintaining your personal philosophy of spirituality.

There are many labels out there such as brujx, healer, lightworker, Starseed, witch, and these are all aspects of our soul that any of us can tap into and incorporate as part of our spiritual experience in this lifetime. Spirituality isn’t about confinement. You embody your spirituality by simply allowing yourself to patiently and lovingly walk through the process of self-exploration.

5 Tips to Maintain Your Spiritual Ground

To be in harmony with your spirituality means to value your dark and light characteristics of self. Instead of condemning your shadow aspects, allow these aspects to anchor you further in self-acceptance, self-love and know they serve an equal purpose in your journey. Here are five tips you can implement in your personal spiritual practice to stay grounded and rooted in your sense of self.

Being Okay with Opposition

Understanding that there are always opposing forces and friction is a real frequency. Not everyone will agree with you or your spiritual philosophy. It isn’t for them to understand. We are all allowed to disagree with one another. Your spirituality is your personal dialogue with how you’re indicating to the Universe you wish to exist. You don’t have to convince anyone to approve of your spirituality or prove your worthiness of it to anyone either.


Owning Spiritual Labels

Labels such as bruja, energy worker, manifestor, spiritualist, etc., are helpful as a means of grasping the different spiritual dialects that live inside of us. It is perfectly normal to identify as one, all, or none of these spiritual labels. These labels are less about entitlement and hierarchy, but rather, assist the conscious mind with making sense of the unseen that lives inside of us. which manifests through our existence; you are the alchemist.


Continuous Learning and Unlearning


Your spiritual journey is a constant transformative process that lives in the continuous form of cyclical energy. You will learn and unlearn. You will identify and not identify with all of life’s variables as you go through the spiritual journey. Staying committed to knowing that energy is transient and life is always unfolding is a practical view on allowing yourself the flexibility to maintain your spirituality. You are allowed to change your mind and edit your spiritual approach. The minute you feel confined by an integrated approach is the minute you might realize you’ve outgrown that part of your spiritual outlook. Commitment to continuous learning and unlearning is a strong foundation in staying true to yourself.


Developing a Daily Practice of Mindfulness

Maintaining balance with your inner state of awareness will fluctuate day-by-day. However, you can create consistency through an ideated self-imposed form of daily mindfulness as a personal practice. This can range from beginning your day with affirmations to concluding your evenings in meditation. Sometimes, time isn’t a luxury at our disposal. Keep in mind that your daily practice doesn’t have to be written in stone as long as it provides you with spiritual stamina to sustain an optimistic outlook towards healing and thriving. You can use crystals and mantras as tools to develop a practice of mindfulness that keeps you feeling affirmed with alignment. Being balanced or in alignment isn’t a constant state. It takes time and will look different to all. With every high there is a low, and alignment is understanding that polarity brings peace.


Surround Yourself with Community


Community is important for our sanity and human interaction connects us with the bigger picture of all that life has to offer. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is key when embarking on your spiritual journey. You don’t have to share your personal spirituality with anyone who doesn’t create a safe environment to do so. This includes family and friends who might not be open to your personal spiritual practice. Keeping things elusive such as your altar, beliefs and daily mindful practice is okay. These are sacred components of your essence and not everyone deserves the privilege of this insight into your life. It is okay to keep your spiritual practice private. However, finding a community that supports you in your spiritual pursuits can bring in new platonic soulmates that are part of your soul family that you came here to do soul work with. A community can be a foundational pillar when embarking on discovering your spiritual identity because oftentimes the spiritual journey can be misunderstood or lonely. Joining online digital communities, safe retreats, and/or covens can propel you into forming new meaningful interpersonal relationships that foster your growth.

Your spirituality is up to you to define and express. Authenticity is encouraged, and allow your inner child to lead you on this journey. May you manifest wisely.

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