These Two Girl Bosses Are Bringing Latinx-Owned Fashion Brands To The U.S.

No matter where you are in the world, you can spot a Latinx

Photo: Unsplash/@karinatess

Photo: Unsplash/@karinatess

No matter where you are in the world, you can spot a Latinx. So many of us love to incorporate our culture in our everyday wear. Whether we sport a Boricua necklace or an Ecuadorian woven bag—we love to show the world how proud we are of our culture and people. Yet, the option of shopping brands from our home countries is diminutive. Two Latinas saw the lack of Latinx brands in the USA and decided to make a change. Television producer Karina Rosendo and TV host Andrea Chediak founded Stitch Lab, the first fashion incubator focused on solely Latino-owned brands.

Chediak and Rosendo are giving a home in the U.S. for many brands in Latin America that wish to expand their unique designs by connecting them with wholesale buyers, influencers and many fashion consumers. To guide them into the American market, Stitch Lab is focused on teaching the brands how to market to the American customer. Stitch Lab is aware of the different types of customers that Latino-owned brands may not be familiar with, i.e. the plus-size customer. The company serves as the fairy godmother to these brands and helps them market themselves in the U.S. market. Crossing our fingers they’re able to get them to expand their sizes too!

Stitch Lab is currently working with over 20 Latino owned brands from Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and more. Here are 6 brands we can’t wait to shop:

Isla & White

The brand was born in the Dominican Republic and created by Ecuadorian and Uruguayan founders. A collection inspired by the beaches in D.R. showcases resort wear. Think luxury floral everyday dresses for the chic Latina.


Goretty Medina

The Colombian brand instantly won us over by including dark-skinned women in their campaign. Their clothes are a dream come true for any ruffled obsessed fashionista who enjoys movement and grand shapes in her wardrobe.


Josefina by Vero Solis

The Mexican designer incorporates Mexican folkloric and pop culture into her designs. This brand is perfect for any proud Mexicana who wants to show off how chingona she is.


Maygel Coronel

This brand was made for any luxury travel Latinx. The beachwear collection is a nod to the European style with a mix of the streets of Cartagena, Colombia.



All bags are created by Colombian artisans in the coast. The brand solely sells bags created by the artisans to help them work and keep their customs and culture alive in the fashion world.


Rock + Bone

Latinas don’t do subtle and neither does Rock + Bone, a Nicaraguan designed brand produced in the Dominican Republic.

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