10 Tips to Keep You Stylin’ in the Rain

The signs are here: Flowers are blooming, days are getting longer and the weather is warmer

Photo: Unsplash/@elijahsad

Photo: Unsplash/@elijahsad

To keep you looking gorgeous on even the soggiest day, we’ve amassed some pointers on how to pick accessories to make your wardrobe pop.

When it comes to fall wardrobe essentials, choose bright hues that pop in the rain. Wet days are somber enough without adding dull colors.

A trench coat is one of the key fall wardrobe essentials. Look for a knee-length trench in a bright color. It’s a stylish rain gear classic that comes in a variety of prices and cuts.

Think yellows and reds or funky neon patterns. You’ll make yourself visible in a sea of umbrella-covered people and brighten the mood.

For an unexpected shower it’s the perfect head covering. Consider layering one underneath your jacket for additional warmth and protection.

Shop for a foldable hat that you can stash in your tote to protect your coif in the face of a sudden storm.

Buy an umbrella small enough to slip into your bag. Look for one with a whimsical design or a pretty Marimekko.

Boots are the foundation of stylish rain gear there are tons of gorgeous galoshes out there. Go for the pricier, classic Hunter or the less expensive Target range.

Invest in a pair of foldable ballet flats and stash them in your desk at work. They won’t take up much room and they’ll keep you from clumping around in rain boots all day.

Look for fabrics that are water proof or water resistant. Avoid suede or leather, which may stain and lose their shape once wet.

Invest in a good quality anti-frizz product and use it regularly. There is no point in looking stylish in the rain if your hair looks like a used Brillo pad once you arrive.

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