5 Styling Tips for Minimizing and Emphasizing Your Curves

For ladies who grew up with curves, it seems that we spend a lifetime learning how to emphasize them when we want to, and tone them down when it feels right to do so. It’s truly a science. We at HipLatina wanted to give you a quick and easy primer on how to emphasize, and minimize, your curvas with these handy styling tips.


Minimize: Don’t be scared to wear a fitted, low cut top. A deep v-neck and a slim fit will actually make your bust look less bulky by breaking up the space with skin and creating a balance. Deeper, angled necklines break up the space, balancing fullness. Showing a nipped in waist in tops like a wrap top will also make you look less full throughout. Make sure to look for longer versions – about 2 to 3 inches or longer past the hipbone – to elongate the area. 

Emphasize: Things that will draw attention to the bust include shirt pockets, necklaces that are chunky or hang around chest level, super low cuts, and wide waistbands or belts. Wearing high-neck tops will also make everything look larger.




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