6 Sustainable Fashion Brands That Don’t Hurt the Environment

Over the years I’ve become better aware of the fashion industry and the stress it causes on the environment – more specifically fast fashion. Between polluting the waters with dyes, textile waste, and mass production, mix that with our obsession for the latest trends and you’ve got yourself a major environmental problem. As someone whose interest in style strives to go beyond consumerism, it’s come to my attention that shopping for the latest trends is not the way to be at the top of the fashion game. It is for this reason, I’ve chosen to shop less fast fashion. There may be a couple of buys here and there — from fast fashion brands — but for the most, I choose not to. Instead, I do my best to support up and coming brands and independent designers whose focus remains on ethical fashion. Yes, it costs more, but in the long run, it’s worth the purchase – especially when you shop for something you know you’ll wear for years to come rather than an impulse buy. Ahead, a few of the brands and online retailers I’m happy to shop.




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