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Try These Detox Tips to Jump-Start a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a bit of a paradox: good food is made to be enjoyed and sharing meals is a major way to connect with friends and family, but too much enjoying, of any food, can be toxic. How can we balance the urge to eat joyful, nourishing meals with the necessity of keeping our weight, and our health, in check?

We’ve all heard the D word, but what if detoxing were less about miracle pills and complicated, life-giving smoothies and more about taking simple steps to rid our bodies of the toxins we accumulate over a time? In other words, what if detoxing were less an end in itself, and more a means of achieving that long sought-after ideal—the balanced diet?

Here are a few strategies for reclaiming your health after indulging a bit too much. Call it detoxing, the easy way.

Cut Down On the Desserts


As you eat more sugar, your body craves more insulin; this, over time, wears down the systems that keep you up and running. Over time, you will start getting tired often, and may even become diabetic, and gain excess weight. You can avoid all those outcomes by limiting your sugar intake to no more than a couple of desserts a week.

Drink More Water


It is what we’re made of, and can help us restore balance. Drinking water is a great way to detox your body. As far as possible, cut back on other beverages (especially soft drinks!), and replace them with water. Hydration boosts metabolism and promotes digestion, making it easier for natural waste to flow out of your body.

Green Tea for Antioxidants


For those times when plain water just won’t satisfy you, reach for green tea. Green tea aids in the detox process in several ways: it’s filled with cancer-fighting antioxidants, hydrates the body, and keeps you full (helping fight cravings for chips and pastries).

Go Organic


Organic food is better for the body than processed food. Eat green vegetables, and go for whole foods to reduce the intake of carbs. Eat foods that are naturally colorful­­; you can make it fun for your kids by having them try to get the rainbow on their dinner plates!

Sweat it Out

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Sweating isn’t just about burning calories: it also performs the important function of removing unwanted waste from the body. Detox by engaging in regular activities that make you sweat, and commit to moving your body every day. No excuses! You don’t need a gym membership to go for a jog, or pop into a dance or Zumba class; all you need is willpower. For those who like to sweat in style, visit a sauna and rid yourself of toxins the easy way.



Exfoliation of the skin is another way to get rid of toxins in your body. It also refreshes the skin, and keeps it youthful as you age.