8 Latinx Friendships that are #BestieGoals for International Friendship Day

Your mejor amiga is everything to you and can be a lifeline when times get tough and celebs are no different


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Your mejor amiga is everything to you and can be a lifeline when times get tough and celebs are no different. In honor of International Friendship Day on July 30 we’ve rounded up some of our favorite friendships featuring Latinx celebs. Some stars like Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini met through their husbands, while others like Natti Natasha and Becky G created a friendship after releasing chart-topping music. Of course, there are celebrities that have been amigos for decades. Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia first met when Andy would crash Gloria’s Miami Sound Machine conga lines in the 70s and this year they starred in Father of the Bride together. Regardless of the length of the friendship, it’s clear there’s a lot of love and appreciation so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite friendships that are pure #BestieGoals.


Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini

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Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini have been besties for over 10 years and it’s all thanks to Marc Anthony. That’s right, JLo’s ex-husband and father of her twins introduced the two in 2004 at the premiere of Man of Fire. “We’re very close like sisters are, but in a different way that sisters are,” said Leah when asked about their friendship on The View. If you follow the pair on social media, you’ll see them sharing funny videos from time to time. In 2014, Remini posted a video of her making fun of how glamorous JLo was at casual pool hang out. These two ladies are true #BestieGoals.


J Balvin and Bad Bunny

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J Balvin and Bad Bunny have been making magic happen in the Latinx community for years now and it’s no surprise to fans that the two are very close friends. It all started in 2016 when DJ Luian introduced Benito to Balvin at Balvin’s concert in Puerto Rico. “I was just meeting up with Benito. But it was always really beautiful when I met him. He talked to me about how he loved ‘Snapchat,’ a song of mine from the album Energía. He told me, ‘Damn, I love ‘Snapchat,’” Balvin told Complex. In 2017 they collaborated on a song, “Si Tu Novio te Deja Sola,” and even performed it together at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Since then their bromance has blossomed as they released a joint album, appeared in each other’s tours, went on the Coachella stage together, and performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2020. If that’s not #FriendshipGoals then we don’t know what is.


Anuel AA and Ozuna

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Music, hardships, and successes are what brought Anuel and Ozuna together in 2015. Ozuna told Billboard “I listened to Anuel because everyone was against him. It was like, ‘That guy’s crazy.'” In fact, Ozuna was the one who originally reached out to Anuel to collab on some music. “That’s my brother and I trust him a lot. He’s smart. He knows what he’s doing too,” Anuel told Zane Lowe. Even when Anuel was in prison for illegal possession of firearms, Ozuna stepped up and offered to financially help the singer’s family. These two have formed something deeper than a friendship, it’s more like a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.


Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia

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Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia recently stared in the remake of the movie Father of the Bride together but their friendship started decades ago. Back when Gloria was performing with the Miami Sound Machine, Andy Garcia would actually crash their performances. “We get along great,” she told W Magazine, “What I love is that he’s always trusted me, because I certainly do not have the years of craft that Andy has.” Garcia even did a cameo in Estefan’s “I See Your Smile” music video. Both Estefan and Garcia show audiences the strong connection that they have on and off screen in Father of the Bride and both emphasize how important the roles were to them when it came to representing Latinx culture.


Natti Natasha and Becky G

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Our girls Natti Natasha and Becky G are constantly flaunting their friendship on social media. After their smash hit “Sin Pijama” the dynamic duo released “Ram Pam Pam” which topped Latin Airplay. Natti even told Entertainment Tonight that she refers to Becky as a tia to her baby daughter. “There’s no one in the world with who I have better chemistry, personally and in general,” says Natti in an interview. Both women share a love for their  culture but most importantly they both work together to pave the way for young girls all over the world.


Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham

Video: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

When the Beckhams moved from England to Los Angeles, California over a decade ago, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria became instant friends. Their love for fashion and similar sense of humor is what brought them close together. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Longoria said, “We’re best friends and have shared lots of life lessons together.” Victoria was there for her bestie when she split from Tony Parker and Eva flew all the way to London when Victoria launched her new clothing line.


Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Houghton

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Julissa and Adrienne met on the set of All You’ve Got in 2006. It was a one-day shoot so the two had to share a trailer for the film. “The first thing we said as we were changing clothes was, ‘Girl, I gotta work on this cellulite,” said Adrienne on The Real. Julissa goes on to say, “We started comparing pimples on our butt cheeks.” They both agreed that it was friendship at first “pimple.” Julissa has described Adrienne as a ride-or-die friend and she’s always one to lift you up when you’re feeling down. “If you don’t have a best friend to keep it real with you, then what’s the point,” said Julissa when describing her BFF.


Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek

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Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek have been besties for over two decades. It all started when Salma picked up Penelope from the airport, and even had her stay at her house instead of a hotel. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Cruz said, “She picked me up at the airport and she said, ‘You’re not going to a hotel, you’re coming to my house because this is hard at the beginning and you’re going to feel very lonely.’ So — she took me to her house. That’s why now we’re like sisters.” Their friendship became even stronger after they co-stared in the film Bandidas. In 2013, Penelope told HuffPost that “We call each other huevos [eggs]. It was because when we were working together, we didn’t have children yet, so we used to sleep much more than now. So it was a way to call each other lazy.” This is a friendship we love seeing both on and off screen.wp_*posts

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa


But everyone is a 10, remember that fact while viewing

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Selena Gomez and actress Francia Raisa have been besties for a decade and recently made headlines for their TikTok jumping on the “He’s a 10 but… ” trend. This isn’t the first time they’ve made headlines though, in 2017 Francia donated her kidney to Selena who was in need of a transplant due to her Lupus. “She gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me,” the “De Una Vez” singer wrote on social media. “I am incredibly blessed. I love you so much sis.” Talk about Bestie Goals – she literally saved her life and it’s beautiful to see their bond years later.

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