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Selena Quintanilla on the Cover of New Comic Book About the Icon

Twenty six years after her untimely death in 1995, Selena is still making a splash in pop culture with fans selling out her MAC line and the Grammys recently honoring her with a posthumous Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. Following  Netflix’s two-part Selena: The Series, the famous Tejano singer and Latina icon is now being featured in the popular “Female Force” series from comic book publisher TidalWave Comics. Written by Michael Frizell, a professor  at Missouri State University in Springfield and writer, with art by Joe Paradise, “Female Force: Selena” documents her early life and rise to fame, all in comic book form. The the 22-page tribute to la reina is available in digital and print.

TidalWave Comics seeks to feature the lives of women who have impacted the world in writing, entertainment, politics, journalism, and activism. As of this year, they’ve published more than 200 biographies spotlighting influential women around the world, including Kamala Harris, Tina Fey, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama, Barbra Streisand, Ayn Rand, Cher, and Gloria Steinem. Selena is the first Latinx icon featured in the series.

“We believe that it is important for readers to have inspiring role models, to learn about extraordinary individuals that have overcome challenges to make a difference in the world,” the publisher said in a press release  They’ve yet to announce if more Latinx icons will be featured but this release has already been very promising of their commitment to more diverse representation in the series.

Besides being available in both digital and print form on multiple platforms, the books come in two different cover designs and formats. With art by Dave Ryan, the hardcover version features Selena in her iconic purple jumpsuit, while the paperback art by Ramon Sales renders her in the equally iconic black-and-white bedazzled bustier. You can also pick from six different variant colored covers including blue, red, purple, and orange.

“Female Force: Selena” also marks the first time the publisher has released a Spanish-language and English-language version of one of their books on the same day, making Selena’s story accessible to more readers.

“Writing about real people and real situations is always a challenge. As a writer, I want to tell a good story while staying true to the moment. So much has been said about Selena. I wanted to tell her story while bringing something new to it. I hope the readers – and her fans – enjoy what we’ve put together,” Frizell said in a press release.

“Female Force: Selena” is now available to purchase from major retailers. It’s $7 for paperback and $20 for hardcover.