Your Tarotscope For The Week of August 12 – August 18, 2018 Revealed

This week’s theme is Page of Cups. We all like to look at certain situations through rose-colored glasses. Usually, when we date someone new who we really like, all of their flaws fall by the wayside and all we can see is this perfect human, despite what anyone else says! This week, it is all about recognizing what is good for us and when we may be wearing those spectacles, rather than seeing truth. Check out this week’s tarotscope.


Leo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your card: 5 of Wands

Tarotscope HipLatina

This may be a combative week for you, Leo! There is competition—or a perceived one—surrounding something you want, and nothing is going to stop you from attaining it! Keep that mindset, stay focused and it will be yours. Lose sight of your intentions and it will disappear in a blink. But first consider if this is something you really want, or is it just the thrill of the chase?




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