Your Tarotscope For The Week of August 12 – August 18, 2018 Revealed

This week’s theme is Page of Cups

This week’s theme is Page of Cups. We all like to look at certain situations through rose-colored glasses. Usually, when we date someone new who we really like, all of their flaws fall by the wayside and all we can see is this perfect human, despite what anyone else says! This week, it is all about recognizing what is good for us and when we may be wearing those spectacles, rather than seeing truth. Check out this week’s tarotscope.


Leo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your card: 5 of Wands

Tarotscope HipLatina

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This may be a combative week for you, Leo! There is competition—or a perceived one—surrounding something you want, and nothing is going to stop you from attaining it! Keep that mindset, stay focused and it will be yours. Lose sight of your intentions and it will disappear in a blink. But first consider if this is something you really want, or is it just the thrill of the chase?



Virgo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your card: 3 of Cups

Cups Tarotscope HipLatina

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Celebrate good times! The 3 of Cups is saying it’s your time to kick back, relax and revel in your victories with your squad. When life handed you lemons, you made lemonade. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, guilt-free. It may even lead to a surprising opportunity. You deserve it dear Virgo!



Your card: King of Wands

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Have you been skirting a commitment lately, Libra? Although you tend to have a difficult time with decisions, there is one in particular that you know you need to make—and soon. You already have the answer, so it’s time to trust yourself and make a choice. Nothing is as big as it seems in your head. No matter which path you choose, take solace in knowing the outcome will surely be in your best interest.



Scorpio Tarotscope HipLatina

Your cards: 10 of Pentacles

Tarotscope Pentacles HipLatina

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Security, stability, being surrounded by loved ones, these are all the things you want deep down, dear Scorpio. So why do you push it away? Issues surrounding intimacy will be coming up a lot for you this week. It is important to observe and take note of how this may be effecting all the areas of your life. Are you the reason for your own undoing? Or are you perhaps surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of people and developing an anti-trust attitude? Take a look and take time for yourself to contemplate, but be careful not to seclude the ones who do bring abundance to your life.



Tarotscope Sagittarius HipLatina

Your card: The Tower

The Tower Tarotscope HipLatina

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Get ready, Sag! The heat is about to turn-up. Don’t get too nervous because all will work out wonderfully for you, but you are about to go through some major shift! Resistance is futile, as there are things in your life that just need to go. Sometimes, if you won’t do it, the universe does it for you. That is exactly what is happening this week, so don’t fret—just let it happen and go with the flow. You will be floored at the things that transpire in your life once the dust begins to settle and all is set and done!



Your card: 3 of Wands

3 wands Tarotscope HIpLatina

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You are venturing into new territory, Cap! Congrats! You are usually a bit safer in your dealings, but something has overcome you with curiosity and inspiration. It’s time for a change—perhaps some new surroundings. Put yourself out there, meet new people or take up a new hobby. However you decide to expand yourself, it will enrich your life greatly. The time of living behind bars is over.



Aquarius Tarotscope HIpLatina

Your card: 4 of Wands

4 wands HipLatina Tarotscope

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Someone or something from your past is coming back into play, dear Aqua. This should be a positive reconciling, although it may ultimately cause some degree of conflict. If this is a person, and you are wondering what has taken them so long, it is likely they were trying to sum up the courage to approach you. Trust that they have been contemplating this for awhile. This may be bittersweet, but now the ball is in your court to decide where this relationship/ situation goes.



Tarotscope HIpLatina Pieces

Your card: 4 of Pentacles

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The 4 of Pentacles says that you are holding on tight to something in your life that may need to go, or at least be pushed to the side. You are placing such a high value on this, that you are making it your main focus and the center of your world. Dear Pisces, you need to be focusing much more of your efforts on yourself! As they say, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” While it is lovely and noble to want to take care of someone or something, you must also make sure you are taking care of yourself. No one can treat you better than you can! Also,  you teach others how to handle you. Keep this in mind.



Your card: 7 of Wands

wands HIpLatina Tarotscope

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Stand up for what you believe in! Don’t conform & hold your ground. This is the theme for you this week, Aries. People may not like your ideas or think you are crazy for doing something a certain way. But you know what they say about opinions! Stay true to yourself and keep the course. Don’t let others influence your thinking or discourage you from listening to your gut. You know what is best for yourself.



Taurus HIpLatina Tarotscope

Your card: 8 of Swords

8 swords Tarotscope HIpLatina

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You may be feeling a little stuck or secluded from people or events happening outside you right now. You may be wondering if your invite got lost in the mail or why you’re so out of touch all of the sudden? This is only temporary and will pass. Use this time for yourself to recharge your batteries and nurture your special abilities—whether it be art, music, yoga, or putting together a game plan for the future. You’re going to appreciate this down time, because very soon you’ll be bursting back onto the scene, in it to win it!



Gemini Tarotscope HipLatina

Your card: Knight of Swords

Knight Swords Tarotscope HipLatina

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Something has struck a spark inside of you, Gemini. This is not quite the spark of inspiration, but rather a spark of combat. You have something to say and you can’t hold it in any longer! No matter the consequences (not that you were going to consider them anyway) you are ready to ride headfirst into battle. Be sure to wear your armor, though, because this may not be as easily or as quickly won as you anticipate. Moving in haste, there are things you will not have considered which may heavily influence the outcome of the situation. Be sure to do diligence so you don’t fall back on your coolie!



Your card: The Hermit

Hermit Tarotscope HipLatina

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Being the sign represented by the crab, you know all too well how to thrive as a hermit. This is one of those reflective weeks for you. You have gathered much knowledge recently, and now you must figure out exactly what to do with all this new information! It is time to decide which way you want to proceed. You may seek guidance from outside sources, or you may need time to sort things out yourself. One of the best things you can do if you are feeling confused is inner work. This will help you to receive answers and be able to recognize them more clearly. Try a quick meditation on YouTube, journal, or simply get out into nature and pay attention to your senses. This will not only help improve your inner-self but lead you to living your best life!

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