The Best Halloween Costumes from Your Favorite Latinx Celebs

Halloween is a fun way to pretend to be someone else for the evening—a fairy princess, a tough heroine, or a zany pop culture character

Photo: Unsplash/@osac

Photo: Unsplash/@osac

Halloween is a fun way to pretend to be someone else for the evening—a fairy princess, a tough heroine, or a zany pop culture character. This is true even with celebrities. For one night a year, they can shed their star personas and geek out on Halloween with the rest of us.

These Latina stars didn’t disappoint with their Halloween costumes. These photos were curated from different years, having grabbed our attention for their coolness (and maybe inspiring any last minute costume ideas!) Enjoy some of your favorite Latina celebrities as they play their latest roles.


Sofia Vergara as Peg Bundy

Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria Pritchett, is married to Ed O’Neill’s character Jay on Modern Family. For Halloween in 2015, Sofia decided to play Ed’s other TV wife, Peg Bundy; Peg was America’s most dysfunctional housewife, on the show Married...with Children (1987-1997). Vergara nailed her look, complete with huge red hair.


Adrienne Bailon as Cardi B

You got to love Halloween costumes that pay homage. Last year, Adrienne Bailon dressed up as Cardi B., copying the look the rapper wore to the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. Bailon admitted that she “loved being this dope woman.”


Demi Lovato as Selena

Here’s another great homage! Demi Lovato gave her props to Selena Quintanilla last year, with this stylish Halloween costume. Lovato wore a purple jumpsuit, similar to the now-iconic one everyone associates with Selena.


Alessandra Ambrosio as Jessica Rabbit

We’re not surprised that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio can slay practically any Halloween costume. She owned the Jessica Rabbit look in 2016, wearing the slinky dress that the animated character wore in the 1988 film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


 Christina Aguilera as a Unicorn

Christina Aguilera doesn’t mess around when it comes to her makeup and hair, so why should Halloween be any different? Xtina was the most glorious, glittery, rainbowy Magical Unicorn last year. Added sense of orgullo? This makeup (by Etienne Ortega) and hair (Priscilla Valles) perfection was the artwork of two Latinos!


Diane Guerrero as the Pink Power Ranger

“Go go Power Rangers!” That’s the mode Diane Guerrero is in this year for Halloween. The actress and author dressed up as the Pink Ranger (from the superhero TV show and film Power Rangers), Kimberly Hart.


Cardi B as Cruella de Vil

Photo: YouTube/PabloRed TV

Last year, Cardi B got her Disney on with her fabulous Cruela de Vil villain costume. The look, from the film 101 Dalmations, included the iconic black and white wig, and an actual Dalmatian sidekick.

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