The View’s Constant Bickering Is Making the Show Impossible to Watch

I’ve been loyal to The View for years



I’ve been loyal to The View for years. I’ve been tuning in more intently since the election of President Donald Trump because I particularly enjoy hearing intelligent women debate the issues of our country. This is not a time to be quiet. This is not a time to be passive. Women are angry, just like me. But something different is happening on The View. A new kind of vitriol is taking place each day, and it’s becoming almost impossible to watch.

In yesterday’s episode, what should have been another typical argument regarding the Democrats and Republicans and how they’re the demise of our government turned into toxicity at its finest on live TV. The topic was what everyone in this country is talking about, Trump’s impeachment. Co-host Meghan McCain who is the only outspoken conservative on the show, was once again chiming in about what the democrats in Washington are doing wrong. Co-host Sunny Hostin, a moderate liberal, was attempting to make a point, but she couldn’t be heard because McCain interrupted her. But it wasn’t a real interruption. It was two women speaking over each other, something that is quite common on that show.

McCain did say at one point toward Hostin, ‘let me finish, I let you talk.” At that point, ringleader Whoopi Goldberg spoke up, putting an end to the two women speaking over each other, but McCain wasn’t finished. “Do you want to hear a conservative view ever?” McCain asked.

Goldberg was attempting to go to commercial, but after McCain continued to speak, she said: “girl, please stop talking right now.” McCain said, “no problem. I won’t talk for the rest of the show.” Goldberg said, “I’m okay with that.” The audience reaction? “ohhhh” Goldberg continued, “If you’re going to behave like this…” McCain said, “I’m not behaving like anything.” Goldberg, clearly frustrated, went to commercial. The show went on, as usual, McCain did speak, but as a viewer, I was left exhausted and uncomfortable.

This is not, by far, the first time the ladies have gone head-to-head on the show. In fact, that is what has made The View immensely popular (see for yourself). Since the show’s inception in 1997, the women have always argued about politics in an “us versus them” sort of way. That’s what makes the show interesting. Who wants to hear people debating issues if everyone agrees? It’s fascinating and informative to listen to women with different perspectives, but what is happening lately on The View is increasingly becoming too much.

McCain is mostly to blame for that. I’m not saying that because I don’t agree with her perspective, I do appreciate what she has to say from time-to-time. However, what people on social media and I seem to agree on about McCain is her problem is with her delivery. She, at times, doesn’t make a point by being constructive; she takes a sort of childish and entitled route. She always brings up her late father as if that solidifies her position. She also behaves as like she’s been defeated, as if no one cares what she has to say.

Abby Huntsman, the other Republican conservative on the show, was initially not as entertaining to watch, but now with McCain’s aggressiveness, she is now the better alternative. Huntsman is also on the show thanks to McCain, who reportedly said she would quit the show if Ana Navarro was hired on the show full-time. Navarro, as of now, regularly appears on Fridays.

McCain’s nemesis on the show is typically Joy Behar. They have fought numerous times but have addressed those issues on the air and have said, in so many words, that that is the point of the show. They’ve said they still have respect for each other, and come back together even after a fight, basically like family.

But yesterday’s regulation by Goldberg put their bickering on another level. These women aren’t related, they’re professionals on TV, and they should start behaving as such.

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