Protest Breaks Out In Tijuana. Mexican Residents Want Migrant Caravan To Leave.

As the migrant caravan continues to make it’s way to the U

Photo: Unplash/@genejeter

Photo: Unplash/@genejeter

As the migrant caravan continues to make it’s way to the U.S./Mexico border, several hundreds have already arrived but are not being welcomed in a positive way. LGBT people that were part of the caravan, but separated from them because they felt discriminated against, were the first to arrive in Tijuana and were also met with disdain. Neighbors complained that they didn’t want them in the area even though they had done nothing wrong and were staying in a private residence. Yesterday, a protest consisting of Tijuana residents broke out and they demanded the people in the caravan needed to leave.

“I was born and raised in Tijuana,” Marco-Antonio Gonzalez told NBC News. “The way this [caravan] was done was disrespectful. They cause trouble. We don’t know who they are.” He added that the people need to be “humble.”

But a Honduran man traveling in the caravan said, according to NBC News, that he is very grateful for all the help he has received.

Another person that was protesting the caravan said, according to the Los Angeles Times that while he doesn’t support President Donald Trump because he has “spoken horribly about Mexicans,” he does agree with him about protecting border security. “He is right in that every country has a right to defend its borders.”

“This is not about xenophobia,” she said. “We are not against immigrants. Most everyone in Tijuana came from somewhere else. But people must come here in an orderly fashion and not try and make trouble.”

“We feel trapped,” Jose Antonio told Los Angeles TimesAntonio has been traveling with the caravan with his wife and four daughters. “People came after us with rocks. How can we defend ourselves?”

It’s expected that the caravan could be in the Tijuana area for months as they sort out how and when they will seek asylum.

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