20 Timeless Shopping and Styling Tips from an Expert

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While going shopping might be majorly fun for some ladies, it is brutal for others. And no one likes to open up the door(s) to their closet, only to stare inside for what seems like forever, wondering what to wear.

We often find ourselves with a full closet, yet nothing seems to work when it’s time to throw something on. It’s can be so frustrating! With so many things to chose from, we revert to the same, tried-and-true, old faithfuls in our wardrobe.

Would you rejoice if we told you there is a solution to this? How about we share some solid, timeless shopping tips. And while we’re at it, throw in some tips on what will look great on your fabulous figure, and how to style the clothes you already have. In addition to being a writer, I have also studied fashion design, fashion styling, and image consulting, so I have learned some great pointers on how to stop buying what doesn’t work for you anymore, and how to start winning the fashion game. Let’s get started!




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